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Merrimack - The Acausal Mass
Post Metal \ Black Metal
influences: Vesania , Satyricon , Metallica
This is the band who don't wan't to plays just average Black Metal music. They really wan't to play something more and something stronger than their Metal friends. They are experienced in music, but not yet in Metal, what's giving unexpected results (in positive meaning of course). Nasty and sarcastic or even blasphemous structures of tracks are awesome, and this radical blasphemical atmosphere is not too bad aswell. One thing is, these tracks could be more technical, because We know, that in this band don't playing amateurs now. It is good to hear different tempos of every track, but it's not all yet in "The Acausal Mass" album. All fokus are in music, not in blasphemy, so We would like to listen more technical parts like so. It is good work of musicians, but We definitively knows, that they can playing more. Besides that this album is interesant and We're not bored to listen it so. Good arrangements, and quasi tactical way of arranging these songs and playing them. Very good and nasty videoclip is making this album all known, and stronger because of screen visions of musicians. Very strong are results in flow of this music and it's good for musicians, because they made their results at so. We wish to listen next album soon with any more fresh musical stuff. We know this style of music, and we know you can plays much better. We mean this is good one, but next one suppose to be a very good one soon. Let's wait for it now.
Spektr - Cypher
Post Metal \ Black Metal
influences: Mayhem , Limbonic Art , Dark Funeral
Spektr presents new and fresh arts called Post Metal indeed. In this case this is fresh style, but based on modern Black Metal arts like Mayhem or Dark Funeral. We can hear some infra sounds too, what is part of their artistic work. It's a bit misterious, because We don't know these musicians and We are affraid to listen infra sounds taken from strangers players. This is this exception, and one more, resolution of sound could be much brighter, but everything else is based on good ideas too. Very talented people have to play in this band, because this is new style of playing and they know, that they doing something new and fresh on Metal scene. These new music things are called Post Metal, and we know that, there gonna be more bands like Spektr, who will play their individual Conception of Metal. I don't mean only music side, but this is what's all around Metal as culutre what it is. Good for them, because they are brave artists and they know where is space for them on Metal scene - they just know how to play now. They are young musicians, what we can hear, but this expresssion is kind of fresh one, and they didn't forget to play nasty riffs too, what is in plus for these gents. Maybe it's a bit too much from Mayhem at influences they playing. Even that We do think this is good debut, and they deserve to play another music material. Spooky, emotionalising sounds with Post Metal \ Black Metal riffs are awesome, they makes some suggestions, what's planned and arranged. It's good to listen these new sounds and waiting for some more stuff from them.

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Alterbeast - Immortal
Brutal Death Metal
influences: Fleshgod Apocalypse , Blotted Science , Death
In dobe of progression of Metal music we have got here Alterbeast - ultra professional band. They Really know what they want's in music and this gents really know how to overplay maniacs minds and their incomes sensitibilities. This album is Ultra Brutal with virtuosering arrangs on the top. What we mean this album is just nasty one as fuck! Very good guitars scales overplaying , great and dirty growling and drummer who don't sleep at even one minute of this album. Vocalist prooves, that he isn't too old or too 'old stylish to play modern Death Metal music. The Immortal album is very dynamic and clear in this meaning, but drummer and vocalist are trying' to break this regule or definition. It's good for them, because this is what modern Death Metal is bringin on first request. We can try to find some (let's say) old stuff solutions, but this is not what's we here, and what's about it. Here, in Alterbeast we have got virtuoserie, then these solutions, than stylish brutality, or even in flow (what is simular, but not the same). A bit of Jazz experiments makes this album more trendy, but not fancy at all. They really gave a kick into Death Metal music arrangements, and we hope this is not their last word in this crew. We are waiting for any promotional videoclip what's plesently common' or live gigs on internet. This album is fresh, and we wish so, to listen these tracks live and check how they sounds like on live stage. Well done, good one, excelent work, I'm your big fan.

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Rings Of Saturn - Lugal Ki En
Death Grind Metal / Jazz Metal
influences: Vital Remains , Viraemia , Cephalic Carnage
"Lugal Ki En" in a meaning of technics and emotional conceptions is very advanced album. It is much better than previous one, because all tracks are more thinkable arranged. This is important for listener, especialy because of his music concentration. Tracks are very fast and Ultra Brutal, and there is lots of Jazz motives to. We mean also, there are more ideas for new album atmosphere (if We could name it "atmosphere" indeed), with old technician aspects of playing Rings Of Saturn arrangs. There is question indeed: Is it more Metal, or more Jazz music? It is important for fans, who definitely preffered Metal music at all. We think it is Metal, very brutal and technical one, but it still sounds like Jazz also, it is not clear. For sure we've got something here for Metalists and for Jazz Listeners too. We like both, so it's a good time for listen this music too. Here we can listen Brutal Death Metal / Grind Metal tracks with many aspects of playing to New Jazz and Experimental Jazz too. We wish to see this band not only on Metal gigs and fests, but on Jazz events too. This state of Metal deserved for kind of expansions. On this state of advance we suppose ask to, where this style of music should go now: more to jazz ways or better would be to stay more like Brutal Metal music? It's brilliant thing to listen this music, but we have to say where is sense of plays this kind of Metal scene? We preffered this styles of Jazz Metal music, but maybe there is something "behind the scene", where is it now? What stage of level this music is in now?

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Gortal - Deamonolith
Death Metal
Influences: Azarath , Deeds Of Flesh , Deicide
Another album of Brutal band, called Gortal. They have' had really good or great debut, with their Demo "Blasphemy". First album, called "Blasphemous Sindecade" where on top, between debutants also. "Deamonolith" album gaves us fast tempos, very good vocals and nasty good guitars. There's no time for slowing down, here by excelent drummer. Maybe there are too much of Slayer influences on this album. Even that we think it;s good to listen these recordings. They really know where's place for them, and this gents going there definitively. It's their second Long Play album, after two Demos, so we can say, it's still young band and they need to plays more and get experience to be on same level with another Brutal Death Metal bands. We mean, this is not a regule for them, because music is nasty and brutal allready, but most of bands changing inself at third album, and this is true because we know lots of troops who gets popular and bacame so "unclearly", that people stopped to listen them. Gortal is going on synctaetic way with their music and style. This is very clear and hopefuly reasonable also. Hopefuly also there is no need to break this styles too, because so strong style brings many fans and beeing of good atmospheres on gigs. They made good decision for band styles, and technical style of playing. We wish that, they gonna keep it on next album. This nasty guitars and agressive vocals are awesome and unpural too. Try to don't lose it, to brings us next one on good top.

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Anthem - Phosphorus
Death Metal
Influences: Deicide , Hate Eternal , Benediction
Anthem debut album, called "Phosphorus" is such different than previous recordings - Demo ones. They made a step to play more clearly and still brutal as they wanted to play all the time. It's good released and with good sound debut album from Poland. Ohnests ways of beeing a band are a particular things for this musicians. This people really made a progress in playing Death Metal, so now they need to seek for Label. Dark sides lirycs and low guitars makes this album more groovy and dark also. They play Death Metal with big passion, so we can listen at this album too. This is not a fancy or trendy way of plays Death Metal, so this is what we mean "ohnest" and a true Death Metal band with real portions of music on their side. Anthem band really knows what they plays and they are on good way to be a league higher and be attached with more profesional bands. This album is more advanced and this music growing with recordings, after recordings of course. This is good condensed album, with Dark meaning and Death Metal arrangements. This music is stylish and not nasty a such. It's makes very clearly structures aswell of listening their - Anthem -  music. They have two demos on a side, and this one album now. We've got feeling that, this is music material made specialy for live gigs, and it's expected - not only by band, but for them fans too. Anthem has allready groups of fans and them concerts are full of fans in Poznań City. It brings full of satisaction for band and listeners of this troop also. Don't miss this band, because they really deserve for Label now.

środa, 22 października 2014

Cyanide Serenity - Consume Me
Technical Death Metal
influences: Nevermore , Joe Satriani , Cannibal Corpse
Cyanide Serenity are debutants as band, but they aren't amateurs at all. They try to explore Metal scene in United Kingdom by good gigs and their album titled "Consume Me", released in 2011. They are really professional team, what I could confirm for excample with their gigs in India country. This band where plays many of them, as for debutants. This album is synthetic one, and it's on ways between Thrash and Death Metal. It's not Brutal Death Metal, but it's Technical Metal one. guitars parts are advanced and playing with enthusiastic and passion. It's makes that average fan is not boring at all. We have been excited to listen them. This will of playing will bring passionats and listeners in future. Album has good quality of sound also, very clear guitars and bas parts to. Very agressive vocals and hard bittin' percusion makes them more to Death Metal music side. We mean that, because still we can here some Thrash or Heavy Metal influences. We still thinking it's very good and catchy arrangement. Songs are very catchy at all, what for shure will bring more and more fans for band, what's in plus for them. These songs are not simular to each other, and atmosphere is stimulated by guitarist and drummer. They really have what to show and what to play and trying to expand themselves at Metal scene. "Consume Me" album is different than rest Death Metal albums, and especially different from United Kingdom way of playing this music. Most of bands in U.K. are playing more like Motorhead and they taken they inspiration from this band. Cyanide Serenity crossing over this tendency and giving something new for fans. Keep this harmony, We are waiting for another album.

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Licho - Pogrzeb W Karczmie
Epic Black Metal
influences: Christ Agony , Alkatraz , Peste Noire
Licho is artist, who is unbelivealy in Independent meaning. His poetry is going totaly to nowhere with extasy of something more than just poetry themselves. Poet don't bring to much to interpreting, because this sarcasm is so pure and realistis and there's nothing to think about at least. It is classic Polish stylised poetry with modern or new Black Metal melody on disguisting top. We don't mean it's brings disguisting for me, we won't think it is some special element yet, but it's talented project especialy at lirycs side. It's inspired us to answer this monologue on our stylish form. Because form of post-modern behawiorism is still dead and all bohemian artists at all could'nt form it, reform it and even decide how it's gonna be now, no matter how it will be in the future. This is what "Pogrzeb W Karczmie" is all about. Technical side of this demo is a poor one, so there is a need to refresh guitar technices. Nasty and cacophonic sounds makes all songs more spooky. This is genesis of something more than connection of poetry and Metal music. We think it would be something more than just a couple projects. Good idea, keep on playing.
Voidhanger - Demo
Black Metal
Influences: Immortal , Azarath , Infernal War
Voidhanger made brilliant demo, Black Metal style with poetic obscure liryc and also in flow too. Very sarcastic, and we would say - Satanic way of interpreting Black Metal ... This is not another demo of another Black Metal band. This crew sounds fresh , nasty and they got tendency to be obscures, it is good for them. This lirycs makes atmospherical and something special from Voidhanger's. It's not blasphemous atmosphere, but we woul'd think so at first sight. This is sarcastic much and Grotesque Ironic too. Tempos are different in meaning of expressions, somethimes they playing quite fast and agressive, and other times they getting slower to accent other pieces of instrumental playing to. This is formated to be clear in form Black Metal and nothing else at last. We don't mean this is something more, like they need, but it could be more difficultie in the future. Instrumental way of playing' could be more advaced and a piece of more technical. It is good portion of music still, and this is good for references or support, but to play like Azarath this band need to practice a bit more. We think it's very good start, and keep it, but try to plays a bit harder, and more nasty. This is what we woul'd like to suggest to Voidhanger Black Metal band at this releasing, so be more obscure, sarcastic, brutal-nasty-styles, and get harder. We "buy" this music getting better for another demo or album. Let's get to be impure Black Metal like you wan't to be, don't stop yourself in musics creations, be good and impure musicans.
Tortorum - Katabasis
Black Metal
Influences: Darkthrone , Emperor , Deathspell Omega
Tortorum remains old Emperor albums with pretency to be something more. Growing emotions, portioned track by track brings "ungood" blasphemal feeling of beeing listener of something special. It's no good to close this band with old Darkthrone albums or just say that it is another Unholy Black Metal album, because it isn't. They really've got something more to say and to play in and out of Black Metal scene or even Metal scene at all. Tortorum plays rythmical and compacted songs to be optional good for classic or average Black Metal listener. We think that this is no good for them, because they showing them aspirational motivations to be something more - like we wrote at the beginning of this post. Hopefuly this is dictated by beeing debutatns as a band and next album will be more like avangarde that time. "Katabasis" album sounds very clearly and not too nasty, what is nice to hearing and listener is not beeing tired after 51 mins of taking - like we say - "creational blasphemies". It is melodical and agressive and same time. This melodies are beggining at second part of album, what's planned and arranged by band. We suppose to listen album from the start, to wait for better song. Good idea for band, and album and we hope that next CD gonna be available soon. It is Very stylish Black Metal so this is really nice and good to listen it, and not just once at all.

czwartek, 16 października 2014

Cattle Decapitation - Monolith Of Inhumanity
Death \ Grind Metal
Influences: Braindrill , Dying Fetus , Cryptopsy
We would say it's another grinding crew, but it is not so particular after all. We know who's playing here and this gents are not taken from garage right now. They really know who's they are and what they wan't to create (or recreate). Lots of talent, and lots of work is given to this album. Brutal guitar riffs, low growling vocals good know high and medium resolutions with remeberance all together. It will take you to begin discusion - what's the new Death\Grind Metal should sounds like? Is it more heavy or more Ultra-brutal? Is it will be more Jazz or more Death Metal in future? Cattle Decapitation didn't create anything new in extra meaning, but they plays this Ultra modern style, and waits for acceptations for fans. They are going on path, after Cryptopsy or Viraemia. For us it's good way of tritten Metal sides at all - in meaning of playing ways by musicans. We would like to here more bands like them, because we are used to listen troops like Deeds Of Flesh or Dying Fetus. This one band getting not so strong like they older Death Metal friends , and theirs vocals are more melodical in flow. Riffs are monogamic and getting unisono with bass, what's makes strong base for drummer and growler. We are waiting for some live shows with this set, what is exciting and such a hopeful for us a fans or Maniacs, because a Maniacs we are.
Coreba - Fresh Stuff / Demo
Melodic Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Influences: Hypocrisy , Testament , Megadeth
Coreba band makes five guys from Poland. They plays with passion for Metal and their conception is to plays hard riffs with growlings and heavy drums. Melodic Death Metal is on the way to react of listenings their Demo. They' got some influences like main Thrash Metal bands, what's We can listen on their guitar riffs. That compose it all good tracks with directed arrangements. They know what they wan't to plays and they do it all the way. They are young, so tracks are fresh and still need to be moderated instead. It's quite normal as for band with this experience. We think that they could play more strongly, what I mean harder and heavier. This style of music reflect more grooves on guitars and lower growling bases. This tracks are rockin' too much and not enough of beeing Metal. Indeed We still think, it's good idea to continue their styles, because this band beginning at this times, but We think also, it schould be heavier matterns after all. Good start and hopefuly same good Band condition with pre-debut demo, what is mean wishing you well in positive, constructives solutions for you. This Demo is feel to be prepared for concerts playing, so We would like to listen Coreba live. Keep Metal, play harder and go at this way, what you created on. It is good portion of inspirirationals playing, so just do it with your passion, as you giving them to your fans.

środa, 15 października 2014

Carach Angren - Lammendam
Black Metal non Opera
Influences: Dimmu Borgir , Old Man's Child , Metallica
This is Saga with living Opera at flows and Black Metal clear music. This is brilliant idea to compare these far away schools of music and make them to so nasties of arts portraits. We've got here very agressive vocals and post melodic riffs what's makes Carach Angren music more unclearly and nasty. This is fourd released art and they are in good condition still. This album is the heavier one, what We mean the fastest and darker than previous ones. This is new way of playing' Black Metal and these accompaniaments will stay with us for years. Very good lirycs are written to be brilliant stories on way to be after King Diamond's "experiences". It's about town in East Europe and what some people could do with themselves with positive meaning of it own. There are two or even three aspects of understanding the feeling of Carach Angren Operic Black Metal. It's modern Operic school with hard Black Metal guitars and blasting' modern drumming. This band has got good target their music and style. It should prosper in Future and We hope they will play with some headliners bands from Europe or Norway. We still think Carach Angren need to plays faster and more aggressive to be a "league" higher, and We wish them to be there.
Materia - "Case Of Noise"
DeathCore Metal / Hard Core
influences: Korn, Illusion, Pantera

"Case Of Noise" is a debut album of young band called Materia. This music is fresh still, so it's hard to compare them with some other artists or music styles. We guess this is the target of their image or beeing popular. This Band is popular and it's important to tick, that they are debutants still. We have good portion of noizzy guitar riffs and agressive vocals, what shorely will brings lots of fans on their gigs and festivals. They could play more "darker", so would bring more prestige to them and would get to unclock them for next album and new listeners. This band got their own fanclub, what's makes them stronger as a young band and getting for next album. It could be too quick with new tracks, because there are still fans and maniacs, who didn't have chance to listen Materia's debuts. This debut is very good and strong, it makes what it feels, so we can objective say they are ready to play better concerts. We'll try to say: set of "Case Of Noise" is good and more then average, but band need to get own style to play more specific and especial get bettter target on scene and after it. They play like Korn, but this style is more directed into Metal scene and for Metal fans. Hopefuly they will rise and explore themselves for new Cases and darker Noises.
Humiliation - Savior Of Human Destruction
Death/Grind Metal / Technical Death Metal
Influences: Deeds Of Flesh , Dies Irae , Dying Fetus , Psycroptic

It is a good idea to complete brutal stuff with oriental expression. We have here good compression of modern Grind Metal playing by new released band. We can listen, that they are not amateurs or beginners , because their expressives sides of music are ready to listen by old fans mostly. We won't say even that, this music is not prepared for younger Metal Maniacs, because it's still fresh and exclusively modern one. Maybe it's not enough nasty, as for Grind Metal band like they are - a bit too melodic. It's still remaining old bands of these musicans. Vocals are stylised for Mr. Max Cavalera , what's takes grooves and also can brings aggresion to arrangements. Jazz creations brings some portions of hope for this band, what could take them to different side of scenes then Metal one. Hopefuly this dream will come alive and we will have some Metal musicans at Jazz scene. We hope that this band will go more to Technical playing, then Grind Metal music. There is new Ultra Technical Death Metal wave in World and we hope that this tendency will grow and be expressing for listeners, fans, and maniacs. Good debut and very common start, but we know that your aren't beginners a such. We know you can do it better - let's done.

wtorek, 14 października 2014

Immoralist , Widow
Brutal Death Metal - new Gore
influences : Deranged , Hate Eternal , Cryptopsy

New homogenic Death Metal ambiental style. Specific and kind of cacophonic way with arranges of new death metal style ! Big groove annd accents of overdrive and western side and od playing . New curtuasy of this music begin n end at same moment of culture . With mattern of it vision and needs within this Project as Immoralist is. First EP brings stylish estetics to recignise ambiental orientation or instrumentalism . Homogenic and ambiental could sounds irrational , but Homogenic growling pattern and ambiental guitars or druming makes louds of rockin' effects . Good arrangs and styles mattern of experience with instruments or metal culture . Of course one vision of this music makes more blasts , more drumming . Where is it ? Probably musican plays with his fans, listeners also . And these rhytmical scales are planned to be expressive . Nice to here Imoralist once again with these forms and proud to represents on this webside . Thank you for music and activitie . See you soon , probably on Concert . :roll:
Exterminatus Veni Vidi Vici (Part II)
Technical Death metal
influences Dying Fetus , Rings of Saturn , Gorehead
This is a Demo of technical project called Exterminatus makes agresives ambient arangement and gore sounds. Ultra heavy noise makes compilation of grind , technical guitars riffs and way of playing . Modern "american" growling like from Deicide or Deeds Of Flesh makes album fresh , not unfresh this time . It is like in grinding metal band , but all music is a bit higher than you won 't listen another blasphemous stuff . Rhytmic and agresive rock or quazi jazz tracks makes all together trendy flow and lots of listeners of course . I don't think it's in positive always or all the time . I think concept need more base and steady people in and arround. It is extraordinary and very good as for pre- debut album , but it still don't have death metal way of beaing or death metal promotion. I mean it's worth to play next songs , records another album . Project need basist and probably it won't be another Deeds Of Flesh or Suffocation then . Good idea , good conception but instead to quick for Exterminatus to be Exterminatus on stage. 8-)
Kalter - "Ubuntu" (2012)
progressive Death metal , technical Death metal
influences : Dream Theater , Slayer , Dimmu Borgir

Kalter is special case of playing groves with simular to Dream Theater artism . Nice , atmospheric guitar riffs , hammond organs and growling made quite good and unlinear sound at all. It compose a harmonic way with blasts and splashes and not so boring songs as some bands following hand by hand technical leaders . This time is monumental and electronic also , band show how a good guitar taste should sounds like . Unniceful and dirty vocal with compare of singin' oriental scales brought specific and exciting atmosphere . I would like to remember , that it is Death metal and it sounds like Death metal as tracks in all work of band . Musicans gives some little chance to interprete stylish notifications , but it is clean Death metal stuff . I would say without brutal marks of this style . This is how it is too difficult to arrange the modern way of this kind of music and bands also . Progressive sinonims don't mean technical ways after all . It's not another band with good ideas of playing good music . I think we got experienced and emotional hungry instrumntalists with their own images of oriental hardcore , and playing technical distortioned rock and roll . I mean quite universal style with modern riffs and harmonic emotionlism in all tracks . It gives a bit more brutal expresion than maestros from Dream Theater . Is it another one ? I don't really think so yet , but we will now soon or later . Let's wait :ugeek:
Belakor - " Of Breathe and Bone " 2012
melodic Death metal 
influences : At The Gates , Hypocrisy , Sinister

Its all about the harmony . Tricky melodic riffs wont hide pretensional taste of melodic Death metal style at all or after all , but I would say this album suprised me a lot . Just because it wortful to play it . Is it another cheesy shouter with remastered and modern guitar progresion ? It is not , because all flow to one masterpiece and ones from Sinister disharmonic vocals fans . Is it something new ? Not yet , but extraordinary expectations gonna be satisfed by this artist . I don't think this production is dedicated to all Death metal maniacs , who likes good distortioned sounds with melodic headlines . It is more like chaotic revenge playing with ambiental precision . It is not just a rock experience of teached or even learned instrument student . It is black memorandum with grey arrangements and a piece of satisfaction . Don't go over emotions , because these tracks could take you higher, and will do . Melodic Death metal have a few faces and the internal masterpiece belong to musican , so don't let over and dont leave this album without conclusion .
Peste Noire "Ballade Cutre To Ameni Francor"
unholy black metal
influences : Darkthrone , Misanthrope , Deathspell Omega , Burzum

Melancholic and epic black metal horde with French estetics and British stylish remarks sounds awesome . The band is more like friendship theatrical activity of one decadentism art and modern interpretation for actors who are really listeners . This is what black metal Peste Noire artism took to this music . No limit of disgust in creation made another band who can play brave music . These riffs are simply something artistic and unwritable to shout it and show to people . Peste Noire is debutant band , but their tracks gives another objective way of instrumentalism and music after all . The music like other arts is piece of culture , but black metal is a lot alternatives . Band gives instrumental influences on some second or hidden meaning or even estate . Their simple arrangement are trickful as Peste Noire really should sounds like . I ment syntesis of songs and co-syntesis are planned and showed to listeners by black metal estetics . Even album songs are messy uploaded at web research portal , so you could search for by syntesis and created artism . You wont missed it , you won't missed unperfection of tricky debutants , I should tell .... Don't bring the culture to Peste Noire , otherwise they gonna bring black metal messy culture to you . Really nasty ones .
Avichi "Tabernacle Of Perdition" (2012)
black metal
Influences : Venom , Triptykon , Destroyer 666

I didn't know how to write about this album and don't be dismissed just because I've enjoyed the music and atmoshpere what's comes from arround music . Let's try then : Anti monuental and post blasphemous art , this is what Avichi presents from the beginning . Hateful black metal motives are dofficult to explore from first listening , because all canvas is on Jazz and some specific parts and standards whats comes from this post culture . Not a high educated Dixie Land musick , but modern post cultural ironic riffs commming strictely from blasting black metal headliners . This is Dixie coming from behind riffs and drums . Forward and forward with nasty specification of this music , but not so quick of course . Just because we have heard fast batteries on other black metal blasphemer bands . Avichi need to be something special , not only for one or couple occasions . It is growth , loud and unfinished arts as I think . Unfinished , but ready to listening and enjoy album how it is right now . Musicans give resolution and some gape of hunger with unsatisfied needs of something more than just an album . We need more , and we wan't to know what Avichi really represents . This album is not a way of experience black metal or even heavy metal music . In my meaing it is a part of some more arts and cultural expressions . Good work and well done , this album suprised me a lot . Thanks !
The Monolith Death Cult "Tetragrammaton"
brutal Death metal
infuences : Morbid Angel , Dying Fetus , Behemoth , Rotting Christ

Monolith Death Cult is an idea of playing grooves with ironic even comic atmosphere and passion to Death metal music . Quick and brutal arrangement with electronic ambient motives won't let you to get bored anyway and this is what listening of this demo album bring to fan as I am . It's short play demo , but sounds like almost already done album . Good for Behemoth maniacs and all brutal death metal fans , including me . This time we don't keep as we call brutal standards coming from States , but different atmosphere catching like old school plays , with new stuff and way of playing death metal . It is demo like from modern movies psycho drama , but lots of louds growlings and guitars also reminds ironic atmosphere of this project . Guitar temper comes from Greeks and it sounds like RottingChrist . Even that , Deathmetal is still in domination here, on demos . Supreme Avangarde Deathmetal , this is how musican called his work and this is how listener should notify it to . The Monolith Death Cult made a debut demo album , but shorely I can recommend to put it on aboard between intermediate death metal bands and you won't be disapointed . Too bad we've got electronic percusion , because real drums would get better effect of listening and be a maniac . We are waiting for another album . Thanks ! 8-)
Corosy Project "Iconic Trip"
black metal industrial
influences : Satyricon , Akercocke , Tryptikon
t's hard to make good rewiev of project where I play , so I try to introduce Corosy Project black metal industrial arts with links to webside and media webportal . Enjoy listening "Iconic Trip" of Corosy Project . If you need to do some view or interview just write on Yowish web portal . So let's start :)

Nekrofilth Street Bitch ( vinyl) ep 2013
Death Thrash Metal
influences : Sodom , Venom , Moorhead :idea: :x

Best album of my friend ;)
[b][b]Xenobiotic[/b][/b] - Wraith E.P.
blackened death metal / death metal
Influences : Cryptopsy , Iniquity , Benediction

No overflows with death metal portions of sarcastic tracks and harmonys .. Old school riffs and agresives rittims making Xenobiotic more listenable and good to urelaxing and post emotional listening , I won't say enjoing of course .Another project making noizzy atmosphere and get some thrashers to it own . It's pleasure to play this EP another time , cause I'm a fan of this modifications . Just some more base and portions would be ready like piece of cake . (black one lol) . Classic and melancholy melodies are cool now and this arrangement all together pushing project forward . I would ask some people to listen it because it's safe death metal music . Quite radical with influences from other bands but this is what death metal should be . Nice aand still pioneers Vocals from Xenobiotic makes more enjoying of semi salted meat portions . Fresh and nasty E.P. represent bad taste with beaing on good side of evil. Good sound quality and impresive , emotional atwork in grey ,fucking wesome , this is it. :)
Observer Salvations Ruinations
Death Metal / Hardcore metal
Influences : Immolation , Hypocrisy , Killswitch Engage , Obituary , Korn

Observer sounds like modern UK Death Metal brutal band . Good groove with strong guitars and growlings . I use to be on a couple gigs in Great Britain and this is the main death metal wave now . No wonder they have lists and music mega notifications . I mean it's a bit fancy and trendy and still diferent from old or new waves of death metal also. Hardcore riffs makes line with distortion to almost dubble growling vocal . You can shout lirycs but it's not technical playing its rock'n'roll - Six ultra nasty tracks with intro . Heavy hardcore music with death metal rithms and drums , nasty and vulgar base growling . Hardcore and death metal makes music heavier or even more brutal . You can here bands s influences, what I dare to count on top of this view . Hardcore expresion and metal side of plaing are unlined to makes homogenic compilation , so death metal is way of playing conistent music of listener. Demo is unfinished , there are some extra tracks on web. Unfinished songs are characteristic to this sides of music patterns . Try both of them , web and CD and you can wait for another concept then . Very Brutal , Very Nasty , this is what Observer is.

Sarke Aruagint
black metal / industrial
influences Motorhead , Triptykon , Immortal 

We are honoured to present Aruagint , demo of Sarke band from side of Europe . Sarcastic and homogenic black metal , simple guitars and drums also . Atmospheric flow coming from songs , simular to Motorhead . There is Immortal on back of instrumentalism . But all remains old school black metal stylised on own conception or concept. Good glory own work and nice and satisfied atwork . Funny and sarcastic lirycs reminds area where they are from and alternative culture of playing just for friends . Couple conceptions together makes homogenic as I wrote Sarke demo . Only a little of cacophoic and delikely blasphemous to make a taste more distinct . Tracks are messy uploaded so you have to find them one by one . Their point of view reminds no relax while you listening Sarke music . Just vocalist could work a bit harder , because we have heard him on quite better condition . Good one for them and lets keep playing dirty metalic sound for enthusiasts . :ugeek: