niedziela, 19 października 2014

Licho - Pogrzeb W Karczmie
Epic Black Metal
influences: Christ Agony , Alkatraz , Peste Noire
Licho is artist, who is unbelivealy in Independent meaning. His poetry is going totaly to nowhere with extasy of something more than just poetry themselves. Poet don't bring to much to interpreting, because this sarcasm is so pure and realistis and there's nothing to think about at least. It is classic Polish stylised poetry with modern or new Black Metal melody on disguisting top. We don't mean it's brings disguisting for me, we won't think it is some special element yet, but it's talented project especialy at lirycs side. It's inspired us to answer this monologue on our stylish form. Because form of post-modern behawiorism is still dead and all bohemian artists at all could'nt form it, reform it and even decide how it's gonna be now, no matter how it will be in the future. This is what "Pogrzeb W Karczmie" is all about. Technical side of this demo is a poor one, so there is a need to refresh guitar technices. Nasty and cacophonic sounds makes all songs more spooky. This is genesis of something more than connection of poetry and Metal music. We think it would be something more than just a couple projects. Good idea, keep on playing.

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