środa, 15 października 2014

Materia - "Case Of Noise"
DeathCore Metal / Hard Core
influences: Korn, Illusion, Pantera

"Case Of Noise" is a debut album of young band called Materia. This music is fresh still, so it's hard to compare them with some other artists or music styles. We guess this is the target of their image or beeing popular. This Band is popular and it's important to tick, that they are debutants still. We have good portion of noizzy guitar riffs and agressive vocals, what shorely will brings lots of fans on their gigs and festivals. They could play more "darker", so would bring more prestige to them and would get to unclock them for next album and new listeners. This band got their own fanclub, what's makes them stronger as a young band and getting for next album. It could be too quick with new tracks, because there are still fans and maniacs, who didn't have chance to listen Materia's debuts. This debut is very good and strong, it makes what it feels, so we can objective say they are ready to play better concerts. We'll try to say: set of "Case Of Noise" is good and more then average, but band need to get own style to play more specific and especial get bettter target on scene and after it. They play like Korn, but this style is more directed into Metal scene and for Metal fans. Hopefuly they will rise and explore themselves for new Cases and darker Noises.

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