wtorek, 14 października 2014

Exterminatus Veni Vidi Vici (Part II)
Technical Death metal
influences Dying Fetus , Rings of Saturn , Gorehead
This is a Demo of technical project called Exterminatus makes agresives ambient arangement and gore sounds. Ultra heavy noise makes compilation of grind , technical guitars riffs and way of playing . Modern "american" growling like from Deicide or Deeds Of Flesh makes album fresh , not unfresh this time . It is like in grinding metal band , but all music is a bit higher than you won 't listen another blasphemous stuff . Rhytmic and agresive rock or quazi jazz tracks makes all together trendy flow and lots of listeners of course . I don't think it's in positive always or all the time . I think concept need more base and steady people in and arround. It is extraordinary and very good as for pre- debut album , but it still don't have death metal way of beaing or death metal promotion. I mean it's worth to play next songs , records another album . Project need basist and probably it won't be another Deeds Of Flesh or Suffocation then . Good idea , good conception but instead to quick for Exterminatus to be Exterminatus on stage. 8-)

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