wtorek, 14 października 2014

Avichi "Tabernacle Of Perdition" (2012)
black metal
Influences : Venom , Triptykon , Destroyer 666

I didn't know how to write about this album and don't be dismissed just because I've enjoyed the music and atmoshpere what's comes from arround music . Let's try then : Anti monuental and post blasphemous art , this is what Avichi presents from the beginning . Hateful black metal motives are dofficult to explore from first listening , because all canvas is on Jazz and some specific parts and standards whats comes from this post culture . Not a high educated Dixie Land musick , but modern post cultural ironic riffs commming strictely from blasting black metal headliners . This is Dixie coming from behind riffs and drums . Forward and forward with nasty specification of this music , but not so quick of course . Just because we have heard fast batteries on other black metal blasphemer bands . Avichi need to be something special , not only for one or couple occasions . It is growth , loud and unfinished arts as I think . Unfinished , but ready to listening and enjoy album how it is right now . Musicans give resolution and some gape of hunger with unsatisfied needs of something more than just an album . We need more , and we wan't to know what Avichi really represents . This album is not a way of experience black metal or even heavy metal music . In my meaing it is a part of some more arts and cultural expressions . Good work and well done , this album suprised me a lot . Thanks !

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