wtorek, 14 października 2014

[b][b]Xenobiotic[/b][/b] - Wraith E.P.
blackened death metal / death metal
Influences : Cryptopsy , Iniquity , Benediction

No overflows with death metal portions of sarcastic tracks and harmonys .. Old school riffs and agresives rittims making Xenobiotic more listenable and good to urelaxing and post emotional listening , I won't say enjoing of course .Another project making noizzy atmosphere and get some thrashers to it own . It's pleasure to play this EP another time , cause I'm a fan of this modifications . Just some more base and portions would be ready like piece of cake . (black one lol) . Classic and melancholy melodies are cool now and this arrangement all together pushing project forward . I would ask some people to listen it because it's safe death metal music . Quite radical with influences from other bands but this is what death metal should be . Nice aand still pioneers Vocals from Xenobiotic makes more enjoying of semi salted meat portions . Fresh and nasty E.P. represent bad taste with beaing on good side of evil. Good sound quality and impresive , emotional atwork in grey ,fucking wesome , this is it. :)

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