środa, 22 października 2014

Cyanide Serenity - Consume Me
Technical Death Metal
influences: Nevermore , Joe Satriani , Cannibal Corpse
Cyanide Serenity are debutants as band, but they aren't amateurs at all. They try to explore Metal scene in United Kingdom by good gigs and their album titled "Consume Me", released in 2011. They are really professional team, what I could confirm for excample with their gigs in India country. This band where plays many of them, as for debutants. This album is synthetic one, and it's on ways between Thrash and Death Metal. It's not Brutal Death Metal, but it's Technical Metal one. guitars parts are advanced and playing with enthusiastic and passion. It's makes that average fan is not boring at all. We have been excited to listen them. This will of playing will bring passionats and listeners in future. Album has good quality of sound also, very clear guitars and bas parts to. Very agressive vocals and hard bittin' percusion makes them more to Death Metal music side. We mean that, because still we can here some Thrash or Heavy Metal influences. We still thinking it's very good and catchy arrangement. Songs are very catchy at all, what for shure will bring more and more fans for band, what's in plus for them. These songs are not simular to each other, and atmosphere is stimulated by guitarist and drummer. They really have what to show and what to play and trying to expand themselves at Metal scene. "Consume Me" album is different than rest Death Metal albums, and especially different from United Kingdom way of playing this music. Most of bands in U.K. are playing more like Motorhead and they taken they inspiration from this band. Cyanide Serenity crossing over this tendency and giving something new for fans. Keep this harmony, We are waiting for another album.

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