niedziela, 19 października 2014

Voidhanger - Demo
Black Metal
Influences: Immortal , Azarath , Infernal War
Voidhanger made brilliant demo, Black Metal style with poetic obscure liryc and also in flow too. Very sarcastic, and we would say - Satanic way of interpreting Black Metal ... This is not another demo of another Black Metal band. This crew sounds fresh , nasty and they got tendency to be obscures, it is good for them. This lirycs makes atmospherical and something special from Voidhanger's. It's not blasphemous atmosphere, but we woul'd think so at first sight. This is sarcastic much and Grotesque Ironic too. Tempos are different in meaning of expressions, somethimes they playing quite fast and agressive, and other times they getting slower to accent other pieces of instrumental playing to. This is formated to be clear in form Black Metal and nothing else at last. We don't mean this is something more, like they need, but it could be more difficultie in the future. Instrumental way of playing' could be more advaced and a piece of more technical. It is good portion of music still, and this is good for references or support, but to play like Azarath this band need to practice a bit more. We think it's very good start, and keep it, but try to plays a bit harder, and more nasty. This is what we woul'd like to suggest to Voidhanger Black Metal band at this releasing, so be more obscure, sarcastic, brutal-nasty-styles, and get harder. We "buy" this music getting better for another demo or album. Let's get to be impure Black Metal like you wan't to be, don't stop yourself in musics creations, be good and impure musicans.

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