wtorek, 14 października 2014

Observer Salvations Ruinations
Death Metal / Hardcore metal
Influences : Immolation , Hypocrisy , Killswitch Engage , Obituary , Korn

Observer sounds like modern UK Death Metal brutal band . Good groove with strong guitars and growlings . I use to be on a couple gigs in Great Britain and this is the main death metal wave now . No wonder they have lists and music mega notifications . I mean it's a bit fancy and trendy and still diferent from old or new waves of death metal also. Hardcore riffs makes line with distortion to almost dubble growling vocal . You can shout lirycs but it's not technical playing its rock'n'roll - Six ultra nasty tracks with intro . Heavy hardcore music with death metal rithms and drums , nasty and vulgar base growling . Hardcore and death metal makes music heavier or even more brutal . You can here bands s influences, what I dare to count on top of this view . Hardcore expresion and metal side of plaing are unlined to makes homogenic compilation , so death metal is way of playing conistent music of listener. Demo is unfinished , there are some extra tracks on web. Unfinished songs are characteristic to this sides of music patterns . Try both of them , web and CD and you can wait for another concept then . Very Brutal , Very Nasty , this is what Observer is.

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