poniedziałek, 27 października 2014

Gortal - Deamonolith
Death Metal
Influences: Azarath , Deeds Of Flesh , Deicide
Another album of Brutal band, called Gortal. They have' had really good or great debut, with their Demo "Blasphemy". First album, called "Blasphemous Sindecade" where on top, between debutants also. "Deamonolith" album gaves us fast tempos, very good vocals and nasty good guitars. There's no time for slowing down, here by excelent drummer. Maybe there are too much of Slayer influences on this album. Even that we think it;s good to listen these recordings. They really know where's place for them, and this gents going there definitively. It's their second Long Play album, after two Demos, so we can say, it's still young band and they need to plays more and get experience to be on same level with another Brutal Death Metal bands. We mean, this is not a regule for them, because music is nasty and brutal allready, but most of bands changing inself at third album, and this is true because we know lots of troops who gets popular and bacame so "unclearly", that people stopped to listen them. Gortal is going on synctaetic way with their music and style. This is very clear and hopefuly reasonable also. Hopefuly also there is no need to break this styles too, because so strong style brings many fans and beeing of good atmospheres on gigs. They made good decision for band styles, and technical style of playing. We wish that, they gonna keep it on next album. This nasty guitars and agressive vocals are awesome and unpural too. Try to don't lose it, to brings us next one on good top.

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