wtorek, 14 października 2014

The Monolith Death Cult "Tetragrammaton"
brutal Death metal
infuences : Morbid Angel , Dying Fetus , Behemoth , Rotting Christ

Monolith Death Cult is an idea of playing grooves with ironic even comic atmosphere and passion to Death metal music . Quick and brutal arrangement with electronic ambient motives won't let you to get bored anyway and this is what listening of this demo album bring to fan as I am . It's short play demo , but sounds like almost already done album . Good for Behemoth maniacs and all brutal death metal fans , including me . This time we don't keep as we call brutal standards coming from States , but different atmosphere catching like old school plays , with new stuff and way of playing death metal . It is demo like from modern movies psycho drama , but lots of louds growlings and guitars also reminds ironic atmosphere of this project . Guitar temper comes from Greeks and it sounds like RottingChrist . Even that , Deathmetal is still in domination here, on demos . Supreme Avangarde Deathmetal , this is how musican called his work and this is how listener should notify it to . The Monolith Death Cult made a debut demo album , but shorely I can recommend to put it on aboard between intermediate death metal bands and you won't be disapointed . Too bad we've got electronic percusion , because real drums would get better effect of listening and be a maniac . We are waiting for another album . Thanks ! 8-)

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