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Novy , the former and leader of Road's End Us some indoctrinal and nice anwering with pleasent choice of matters . This music is a lot enthusiastic , with Metal aggresion . He played with Behemoth , Vader , Devilyn , Dies Irae , Virgin Snatch aswell . He is the expected leader in Polska Metal live scene . He is in America now , and he took some answerings to us . 

1. Your call it a stage career is quite perverse. You change teams, but at the same time you keep the leaders on the basis of Death Metal. I understand that you play proffesional and certain conditions must be complied with, but as a fan I want to see you as a permanent member awesome team. What do you think ?
Hahaha it's interesting what you write, but things are a bit different. Maybe the side it does look as if I changed teams as gloves.The true looks a bit different, Devilyn was my team and the project, the Behemoth few years I was a session musician, also in Vader I have sat a moment, the Dies Irae was a project that who didn't  had a chance to own future.In other bands in August just gave, helping a friend, and took his graphic.I like to be musically busy :)
You say the finally meant to make you see me in a constant project, go ahead, I present my most important project the author of Road's End, surely it began, because the venture is entirely mine!

2. Your transition from Devilyn to Vader was quite loud. Now somehow less said about Devilyn. Without you, the team did not play, or shouldn't play?
I see some inaccuracies associated with my past.
Devilyn a band which he founded, along with guitarist.Accely can say it's my first serious group, and the child who created and promoted.
Unfortunately, in the life of different people to know each other, and different situation is endeavoring, in my absence in band and name were wearing misappropriated, At same was stripped of his own team, not fighting, but this does not need struggled with inappropriate mortals prefer to be active and create a in which the faith ...
As you can see at the present day, castling composition of this team is not affected as best as you can see on the day of present.With many years I put a lot of work in promotions Devilyn, after my "removal", he finds no one worthy to lead it ...
In paraobjective, the transition to Vader took place with Behemoth and not of Devilyn, it was after the fact.
It is a pity that sometimes a large amount of work and dedication goes so simply to bin.But music market is brutal, and wherever I go incompetent people.Too bad, but that was the way Devilyn.

3. Vader is Peter, Mauser, Docent and Novy. What about Today's achievements Vader? In my opinion, Et Tibi Igni the best record.
Vader always will be with a tear in his eye he recalled the good old days :)
It's really nice to have mentioned the old line, especially with a lot of people so far this says.
However, all come to an end, because something could that start.
I do not follow very carefully the further profesion of Vader, I'm not too sure to present the work of this team, but this is my subjective opinion.W a site when I run out of something in Vader, some progression and energy.This because I think it is good, when almost completely changed composition.
I'm glad I Vader still playing and doing it well, always I'll be rooting for them, because I know how much hard work and heart it has been inserted!

4. I also believe that in Behemoth have enjoyed incredible success as a musician Metal. Orion's trying to beat you a little - on stage, but you left a shadow on this team. Do you still feel like part of the hordes of Behemoth?
Both the Behemoth and Vader, and several other bands with whom Ihave companied, left their mark on my person.I I am proud, I know I left there their emotions, sweat and at heart.To part of my story, my scores.Of course with always some senscie will I feel Behemoth, whenever the guys users, surfing the United States, I have come to meet, reminisce about.
However, one should be aware of the behemoth in my time, and now is completely different band.To cool feeling when people still thought remembered from there, but my episode is brilliantly episode past.Orion inserted them into Behemoth, moreover, showcases how the musicians.To powerful, profane machine, and not one that someone me there change, Orion is where to be, Behemoth is consistent, polished a whole !!

5. Let's move on to Road's End - Your arrangements differ stylistically from existing ones. Whether it is a form of modern instrumentalism and composionss presence, or ratherd bet on freshness on stage?
Hehhh but you'ved complicates this question heheh.
As mentioned in the first question, that they come strongly from the mainstream of Death Metalowego.To true in the music I grew up, cateated has recorded, it is uncomplained part of me.
However, I still developing, evolving, growing still ... the music is playing in every cell of my body hahah. You know, for me one of the most important life assumptions, the development, progres.Moj Death Metal music stage, it is almost 20 years is more than enough time to take its toll in this genre :)
Etam Vader is complete, a little earlier fell all hope of reactivation Diee Irae - this project was probably my most favorite in the field of sharp metal ...
I observed the metal market, and it occurred to me that there was a large stagnation in this genre, many recorded and better-sounding discs, but somewhere in me this passion in all sumptets.In my assumption that music is art, and that the art was art, it must contain real emotions, you can not pretend, and you need to be with music in ohnests relationships.
I stated that I will not force anything I've done, since I do not have previews of doing something serious in Death Metal today, you have to pursue other.
He put down during the work of more extreme, and went in the direction that has been around for some time I was calling to each other ...
Yes I've interresteds an American sound and way of playing, somewhere in my head merged ideas from my past and new experiences ..
Thus was born the idea and the band Road's End, another child, projects which went in a different direction a strong sound ...
After several months of working in the studio, was established author muse on my first album.
It's not very revealing music and set in a mainstream musics..When was created set for the album, my mind was overflowing with huge amount of music and ideas on her creatings.I chouse then that since it's still my debiot in this matter, the makings of something that I want to.I decided with feels and above all on the quality of the sound and production, something representative around the world.
Once I asked about what game RE, came up with such a definition: American stile with the European soul- I think that this statement explains a lot .

6. Who is currently playing in the composition of the Road's End and where else can hear them.?
Road's End was originally my own project, it was hard to find the appropriate people.In rather with at that time (and it was 4 years ago), I had already planned a trip to the US where he wanted to finish the plate and lead the fate with band.At last CD was produced in the participation of my friends who helped me realize his session work.
A little naively I thought that since I have already inserted, en masse team will only formality.In case life showed otherwise, I understood that there is no room for another project, and the need to play with me too strong.
So when ogarnolem my turmoil in mid life, I stated that it was time to move out of this seriously, especially since 2 years in a drawer lay a recorded disc.
Earlier this year, I met some people who mobilized me to more serious movements.First person who joined the RE was Tom Sirs Pilasiewicz, drummer known himself with Disenter, WarFather Tucker and manyother of bands. With their choosing git I had a simple task, Marco Martel (Malovelent Creation, Vader Against The Plague ...), my longtime and trusted friend was just under hand.To was exaggerated with dolaczy.Ktoregos day visited us, Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel), on the occasion of rising hangover lavish libations, Steve recommended a certain Sahara Montalvo (Wings Of Fire), a brilliant singer ..
Even before the holidays, full composition of Road's End became reality!
It was not simple to find the right people, he took a lot of factors into consideration, factors which disqualify many people you can see I have met.Then but curiously it all worked out, I found not only great musicians, but also compatible individuals wishing to do something large and important.
The funny thing is the 3/4 composition is rich Death Metal past, can be seen not only I was looking for a new road in music :)

7. What are your musical plans in the farthest, so to speak time?
The plans are very serious, but in my assumption that the best thing is here and now.I trust with on this to build a stable, strong and vibrant the band.If we are all experienced musicians, conscious example of your capabilities and determination to creatings something that we founded to be a kind of elite the musics.Sound maybe fun, but really focus on the quality of everything that applies to the band.
Currently, promotions ended my album, "Last Life Memories", I encourage you to listen to ReverbNation (www.reverbnation.com/roadsendofficial),.If need some time to build a team from scratch, and does not tried men to mix in my head who has recorded who is in team or was, the composition of the band revealed only a few days ago Now we began for us an important step and lots work.
3 months working on new material, I think that in the vicinity of 4-5 songs already where we are.And also this month we enter the studio to record the single, which also created wideo.It is quite possible that one of the older songs will be recorded again in the new version, provides also some material wideo.With the occasion of the formation of professional Presskit, which we will refer to the people of branzy.pare day we receive press pack with promotional materials and first album.At the same half working on new material, a part of the old We prepare for possible GigsWiec now hard work, and focus on promoting and otherwise future of band.I creating the next year will be dedicated to touring and establishing the position of Road's End on the music market.

8. As if you had to go back to one team, who would it have to be? The question is quite serious ...
Do not approach it in this way! Any'd I wouldn't back!
In my opinion, the past isn't near.MA enrich and remind me what I already have behind us, and what I can take from the past to build my future.To everything was, now teams from the past or already non-existent, or are something totally different like for my czasow.To already other worlds for me, has always maintained he wants to do in music everything as best I can, so something better to finish the stage glory, than to pull something stronger ..
And that's where I was, led me to this moment of life, at this stage rather than other.I do respect it!
Surely if one of bands of past hospitably offered me to play or record something, cheered.

9. Greeting calls for real listeners Metal ...: _)))
Luke Thank you for the interview and support my actions! Metalheads Thank you all for your support and belief in my doings /.I do have for you much more than speech, and I assure you it would be something special.Stay with us, support us, we will give you the best of us!

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