środa, 15 października 2014

Humiliation - Savior Of Human Destruction
Death/Grind Metal / Technical Death Metal
Influences: Deeds Of Flesh , Dies Irae , Dying Fetus , Psycroptic

It is a good idea to complete brutal stuff with oriental expression. We have here good compression of modern Grind Metal playing by new released band. We can listen, that they are not amateurs or beginners , because their expressives sides of music are ready to listen by old fans mostly. We won't say even that, this music is not prepared for younger Metal Maniacs, because it's still fresh and exclusively modern one. Maybe it's not enough nasty, as for Grind Metal band like they are - a bit too melodic. It's still remaining old bands of these musicans. Vocals are stylised for Mr. Max Cavalera , what's takes grooves and also can brings aggresion to arrangements. Jazz creations brings some portions of hope for this band, what could take them to different side of scenes then Metal one. Hopefuly this dream will come alive and we will have some Metal musicans at Jazz scene. We hope that this band will go more to Technical playing, then Grind Metal music. There is new Ultra Technical Death Metal wave in World and we hope that this tendency will grow and be expressing for listeners, fans, and maniacs. Good debut and very common start, but we know that your aren't beginners a such. We know you can do it better - let's done.

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