czwartek, 16 października 2014

Cattle Decapitation - Monolith Of Inhumanity
Death \ Grind Metal
Influences: Braindrill , Dying Fetus , Cryptopsy
We would say it's another grinding crew, but it is not so particular after all. We know who's playing here and this gents are not taken from garage right now. They really know who's they are and what they wan't to create (or recreate). Lots of talent, and lots of work is given to this album. Brutal guitar riffs, low growling vocals good know high and medium resolutions with remeberance all together. It will take you to begin discusion - what's the new Death\Grind Metal should sounds like? Is it more heavy or more Ultra-brutal? Is it will be more Jazz or more Death Metal in future? Cattle Decapitation didn't create anything new in extra meaning, but they plays this Ultra modern style, and waits for acceptations for fans. They are going on path, after Cryptopsy or Viraemia. For us it's good way of tritten Metal sides at all - in meaning of playing ways by musicans. We would like to here more bands like them, because we are used to listen troops like Deeds Of Flesh or Dying Fetus. This one band getting not so strong like they older Death Metal friends , and theirs vocals are more melodical in flow. Riffs are monogamic and getting unisono with bass, what's makes strong base for drummer and growler. We are waiting for some live shows with this set, what is exciting and such a hopeful for us a fans or Maniacs, because a Maniacs we are.

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