wtorek, 14 października 2014

Belakor - " Of Breathe and Bone " 2012
melodic Death metal 
influences : At The Gates , Hypocrisy , Sinister

Its all about the harmony . Tricky melodic riffs wont hide pretensional taste of melodic Death metal style at all or after all , but I would say this album suprised me a lot . Just because it wortful to play it . Is it another cheesy shouter with remastered and modern guitar progresion ? It is not , because all flow to one masterpiece and ones from Sinister disharmonic vocals fans . Is it something new ? Not yet , but extraordinary expectations gonna be satisfed by this artist . I don't think this production is dedicated to all Death metal maniacs , who likes good distortioned sounds with melodic headlines . It is more like chaotic revenge playing with ambiental precision . It is not just a rock experience of teached or even learned instrument student . It is black memorandum with grey arrangements and a piece of satisfaction . Don't go over emotions , because these tracks could take you higher, and will do . Melodic Death metal have a few faces and the internal masterpiece belong to musican , so don't let over and dont leave this album without conclusion .

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