czwartek, 16 października 2014

Coreba - Fresh Stuff / Demo
Melodic Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Influences: Hypocrisy , Testament , Megadeth
Coreba band makes five guys from Poland. They plays with passion for Metal and their conception is to plays hard riffs with growlings and heavy drums. Melodic Death Metal is on the way to react of listenings their Demo. They' got some influences like main Thrash Metal bands, what's We can listen on their guitar riffs. That compose it all good tracks with directed arrangements. They know what they wan't to plays and they do it all the way. They are young, so tracks are fresh and still need to be moderated instead. It's quite normal as for band with this experience. We think that they could play more strongly, what I mean harder and heavier. This style of music reflect more grooves on guitars and lower growling bases. This tracks are rockin' too much and not enough of beeing Metal. Indeed We still think, it's good idea to continue their styles, because this band beginning at this times, but We think also, it schould be heavier matterns after all. Good start and hopefuly same good Band condition with pre-debut demo, what is mean wishing you well in positive, constructives solutions for you. This Demo is feel to be prepared for concerts playing, so We would like to listen Coreba live. Keep Metal, play harder and go at this way, what you created on. It is good portion of inspirirationals playing, so just do it with your passion, as you giving them to your fans.

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