poniedziałek, 27 kwietnia 2015

Moonspell - Under Satanae

influences : Benediction , Rotting Christ , Venom

Under Satanae is an concept with some over bands influences, like Rotting Christ shall start this path of playing'... This act is fresh, because all bands wanted to plays more like Norwegian, or Swedish bands indeed. Moonspell is going now different and it giving more satisfaction for fan' or listener. There's a lot space for modern or new playing bands with this modernistic styles. We can say Behemoth from Poland is going this path too. No wonder for them at all it is, like we say just stop the transision and conclude the impact of music arena itself. Yes for them and this review is concluded to for promotions and support the musical manifests of non ignorance artistic behavings. Moonspell is playing definetely long time, and it's have this form better, and better. All albums are thematicely different, and more beautiful, then preciuns once. We respect this band, and want to listen more noizes and tracks from them at all. Don't give us more pleasure and don't change the musical revistation, or them like avangarde non style all of you playing. You will say it is non compacted, but We will say it is. The rule of artism is condensed, but riffs are imagineritery different for listener. Lets give us more of this music for listen Moonpell and them secrets for music fans, and them for artictis listener, like We are the first and lightely listenening the artism for separatevitely things. Give us more music Moonspell, the Great onces of music mania.

wtorek, 21 kwietnia 2015

Slice The Cake - The Man With No Face
Progresive Death Metal
influences: Psycroptic , Necrophagist , Cryptopsy

First meeting with Slice The Cake was spectacular, because the reason of listening is very dark and a lot difficult. This is the progresive Death Metal unisono playing' without conclusion at technical aspects of modern music of this kind of style. I mean this musicians can play harder' for sure,but this riffs have got atmospheric side at all. Let say this role it is spectacular, and it's deeply procesed by musicians also. The beginning of it, it's not in this band, but they really know what they doing. With this regulators We can listening Slice The Cake all the time, like any other band, what is advanced in music. This is In Plus for them, and within' disscusion of another time of their fresh music too. This specific vawes giving' reason of idolatry listening this procees of arranging songs. Something unusual is in this band, where We are trying to take another song, but we still have to listening this one, once and again at the time, like the train in station coming to the end. We (listeners) are specialy welcomed to have simple enjoyingal with this not are brutal, but technical tracks with deep titles and lirycs sides. We wan't to be more excused by orientists and shape by not to vulgar continuation, let say keep it and stay brutal, like the Death Metal musician should play like too.

czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2015

Gorguts - Colored Sands
Progresive Death Metal
Influences : Morbid Angel , Deathspell Omega , Excommunion

Here we have once another cacophonics on guitars and all sounds, what remains Excommunion, and some tracks of old Venom. It's briliant to play music like this, and it's a lot joiful to listen this accomodation of unsounds, like them were do this before. The roots of this music is in Jazz, and not in any Rock music at all. Don't mistake it with Yattering, or Immolation. It's not the point to get emotional scores of (let say) eavenues of emotions by Distortioned rock music. The arrangs is specified on listening modules of Death Metal. This is in plus for Gorguts and it have come to be a big band like the mostely want to be. This inflow is really amazing and it have something to dismember with good Jazz articulation. What we wan't to say its not a little guitar technics, but something more, what we called' concept and this is potential with this whole album and their music. This is the common and wanted aspect of assesing this music. Let say they are really technician advanced and talented aswell. This nasty riffs are uplifting listener to his music potential. Good idea to play Jazz in Metal advanced' aspects or Jazz in Metal at all. It's good piece of music and We wish them to play that hard as before, and to get idea for another album of Gorguts, very quick and heavy of course. Stay with it... !
Portal - Vexovoid
Brutal Death Metal ...
influences : Dark Funeral, Morbid Angel , Immolation

Dark and beauties Death Metal music are coming' to the end , within this consens' this is so lovely and nasty at once. We like it, we' enjoy it we need this captured bands. But we have lightely common' disfigurativ basses and joiful disguised within coming from playing uplifters, obvieusely uplifters they are. I mean it's not a easely playing troop to be liked like a ducks from breakfast. Not a lot its a nicely playing Grunge' or Death Metal passionately synonims. We have here deep anarchized' brutality with accords of euphoristic criticism of uncommon misteriuslivetely like music it is. Just like that. Give me the marbless musicans, the level to join in and a big passion to be extremely rotten within, like the Death Metal players shall do... Shall they? Yes please ! Our post surrealistic concepts can be destroyed by their strings or hands, without conclusion, whateever to say, this is postern arts of our visionery. Lets keep it and known about it, like this is the boundless of extremelie technics. This condamnation is stage playing conclusion, this is the essence of demonstration without, and without apologies. It's not a cacophony, it's realism without realistic aspectations of vulgar structures of other Metal playing bands. Like joiful we are.. !