czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2015

Gorguts - Colored Sands
Progresive Death Metal
Influences : Morbid Angel , Deathspell Omega , Excommunion

Here we have once another cacophonics on guitars and all sounds, what remains Excommunion, and some tracks of old Venom. It's briliant to play music like this, and it's a lot joiful to listen this accomodation of unsounds, like them were do this before. The roots of this music is in Jazz, and not in any Rock music at all. Don't mistake it with Yattering, or Immolation. It's not the point to get emotional scores of (let say) eavenues of emotions by Distortioned rock music. The arrangs is specified on listening modules of Death Metal. This is in plus for Gorguts and it have come to be a big band like the mostely want to be. This inflow is really amazing and it have something to dismember with good Jazz articulation. What we wan't to say its not a little guitar technics, but something more, what we called' concept and this is potential with this whole album and their music. This is the common and wanted aspect of assesing this music. Let say they are really technician advanced and talented aswell. This nasty riffs are uplifting listener to his music potential. Good idea to play Jazz in Metal advanced' aspects or Jazz in Metal at all. It's good piece of music and We wish them to play that hard as before, and to get idea for another album of Gorguts, very quick and heavy of course. Stay with it... !

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