wtorek, 21 kwietnia 2015

Slice The Cake - The Man With No Face
Progresive Death Metal
influences: Psycroptic , Necrophagist , Cryptopsy

First meeting with Slice The Cake was spectacular, because the reason of listening is very dark and a lot difficult. This is the progresive Death Metal unisono playing' without conclusion at technical aspects of modern music of this kind of style. I mean this musicians can play harder' for sure,but this riffs have got atmospheric side at all. Let say this role it is spectacular, and it's deeply procesed by musicians also. The beginning of it, it's not in this band, but they really know what they doing. With this regulators We can listening Slice The Cake all the time, like any other band, what is advanced in music. This is In Plus for them, and within' disscusion of another time of their fresh music too. This specific vawes giving' reason of idolatry listening this procees of arranging songs. Something unusual is in this band, where We are trying to take another song, but we still have to listening this one, once and again at the time, like the train in station coming to the end. We (listeners) are specialy welcomed to have simple enjoyingal with this not are brutal, but technical tracks with deep titles and lirycs sides. We wan't to be more excused by orientists and shape by not to vulgar continuation, let say keep it and stay brutal, like the Death Metal musician should play like too.

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