czwartek, 8 października 2015

Orchidectomy - A Prelate's Attrition
Brutal Death Metal
influences : Iniquity , Demilich , Yattering
Gorgasm - Destined To Violate
Technical Death Metal
Influences : Deeds Of Flesh , Dying Fetus , Necrophagist , Disfigured

Technical aspects of Amrerican Death Metal are always fucking brilliant . This guys never will stop - and they Never Will Stop ... This time we've got Gorgasm , what is The Mighty Deicide , and Deeds Of Flesh in our speakers . Riffs like Necrophagist , and drummings straight like Dying Fetus . Fresh and nasty : like I've been waiting for this album since Path Of The Weakening of Deeds Of Flesh . Another Album Of the Year Gents . So... We would like to say : Death Metal is still in brilliant condition . Good musician gonna be always on the top , and they will do they've progress at instrumental aspects of this music . Gorgasm sounds awesome and professional - they are on the top with this music , and this skills , as a Instrumentalists . Good work of bass guitarr , and rest of the band . This is not an album , who gonna stay on your shelf with music . They will catch you , if you like Technical , and Brutal Death Metal . Nice , and spooky jingles between tracks give to us nasty taste of humour , and a bit sarcastic . It's not last album in this style We hope , and this band will deserve for Respect , and place on stage between Titans . Dynamic , Technical way of plaing gets results on albums , and gigs . This may content passions , and very important professional traditions of playing Brutal , and Extreme Metal . Big class conctept , good way of playing , good sounds . Maybe drummer could be more characteristic .

wtorek, 15 września 2015

Impiety - Ravage and Conquer
Death Metal
Influences : Behemoth , Mastiphall , Morbid Angel

Modern Age of Blasphemic Death Metal is getting well with Impiety from Polska . We have bands : Azarath and Parricide and more of others . Now it's time for Ravage & Conquer of Impiety . We got speed , Death Metal and agression in blasphemical view . Good drummer work , brilliiant guitar riffs , painted with vocals , and this bass : more than awesome . This is ressurection of Metal , and Death Metal Indeed . This is much more , then pure hating' Metal : this is more then avantgarde . They made really good work on this album . It sounds like American Death Metal , but it's still European , and this is nasty playing stuff of Metal Maniacs , and musicians . This is very hard stuff , and it will enjoyed for all Brutal Death Metal fans , and all musician who want's to play this kind of music . This guys having experience in other Metal bands , but now they came each other , and getting - in large of creations , to have excellent Death Metal confluention , and much more , then such a couple albums . They really having well in Impety , and We hope they will carry on this stuff , and methods . There is a big sense of playing this music . It's more than just average band , and they really gettings scores of they skills , and their of playing \and listening also\ music . With this confluention We've got passion of having bigger stuff , like they got do it aswell : We mean Morbid Angel can do it , and some other bands , like Immolation can do it too . Impiety getting results from the beginning , and it's really awesome . Big Plus , and Hail for Impiety !
Materia - We Are Materia
Metal DeathCore
influences : The Haarp Machine , Cryptopsy , Megadeth , Gojira

This album is a quite difficult to introduce , at once . This music is very fresh , and having brilliant articulation . Nobody done it so nicely , like Materia does it in this album , and this ideas are very catchy , and /what's tottaly new/ heavy at at time . This is a Masterpiece of new bands on Stage . We have kind of Hardcore , and Death Metal in their style . Good arranged tonations with loud , and agressive growlings , brilliant guitar parts , tottaly offensive bass parts . This guys definitely knows what they are doing , and they having well . I mean some new kinds of Metal arrangements giving conceptions , and supporting for some new kinds of ideas , but this troop have so good ideas for their music , and We have no objections to this album . It's more Jazz than Jazz - you know what We mean . This album is true based on two parts , and it is a lighter one , and heavier one of course . In meaning of DeathCore metal we have got portionism with speed , and groovy Metal \ Jazz symptoms , and this is what We try to say in this Review . Somebody would like to ask : what with their gigs , and are they like same with albums ? We have been twice on their gigs , and this atmosphere was definitely positive , this gigs were done very well : We've catcht it . They got demo , debut album , and - We Are Materia _ is their second album \longplay\ and they are concert and gigs bands for Us . Materia were playing on Wacken Open Air in 2015 and tours with Decapitated . They have own open air sublocal festival \MateriaFest\ in Szczecunek , so We mean they are getting pretty well . Well Done Materia , Stay Metal !

środa, 10 czerwca 2015

Luna Ad Noctum - Hypnotic Inferno
Black Metal
influences : Old Man's Child , Dark Funeral , Vader


Luna Ad Noctum presents fast, and entusiasthic album with Black Metal music, like Norwegian Black Metal imself. They are talented, and they've got an empiric influentical aspirations to plays this kinds of music events at all. With passion, and good technical drummer, like they have, it's sounds professional, and nasty. They plays dynamic music, with faster parts, to make more dark (or Black) tracks. Album Hypnotic Inferno having 9 tracks, with some Death Metal influences also, like Vader, or later Deicide. It makes good compact composition of fast Black Metal music, like Old Man's Child, or Dark Funeral. Hypnotic Inferno stays in memory, what's In-plus for Metal bands, and listener want's to hear this album quite often after all. We preffer this kinds of albums, what's having good conception for music and all things arround, like flows, atwork with image, and videoclips. Luna Ad Noctum gave as whole composition of this Black Metal arrangements. This is good prospering band, they have empiric insolve with good music studio, they playing Gigs, and they having released artistic videoclip. Hypnotic Inferno making nice base to play it on stage. This material is created to play one, by one concert and enjoying it with fans- on live shows. We enjoying this professional album, and wishing all the best for Luna Ad Noctum.
Sunless Rise - Promo
Black Metal Post-Industrial
Influences : Old Man's Child , Steve Vai , Megadeth , At The Gates

This position is dedicated to all guitarists, who want's to play modern technices, and to all listeners who likes modern kinds of music aswell. Let's say this Promo having' something to show by music, they really know how to do it. We ment to promote this band, because of their attention, and passions to music. We know them, and We suppose, they are won't stop after this promo album. Very good guitar parts, becoming more, than Black Metal conwentions, and brilliant, progresive vocal parts too. Whole conception is a Post Industrial Black Metal music, with aspects of speed, and melodical on tracks. It's gives more speed influences from master guitarist. We can listen modernism of Steve Vai's playing on his way, but this technices are more confluented with At The Gates band. It's a kind of satysfying album for listener, and We are enjoying to listen this speed parts, one by one (after good Murphy's of course ). The modernism of this band became from guitar parts, and makes good suspentions for vocalist. He makes his work definetely marbless, and this album concept creates some direction to play modern Black Metal parts for some bands, who want's to play like Sunless Rise, or some simular stuff. We will see, how's it will go with Post-Industrial Black Metal, and we hope so. This mention is dedicated to really big fans of Black Metal. Good work, and don't let us waiting , you know what' for We are not use to wait.

niedziela, 10 maja 2015

Pighead - Rotten Body Reanimation
Death Gore \ Grind Metal
Influences: Vile , Yrkoon , Gorehead

Brutal, and nasty first class Grinding groove motionally Metal. This specification climbing this band to the Death Gring top, but reasonable We will say, it's first demo of them. Wow, how this music can shocked, and delightely loves much in this music style. Pighead deserve for fans, and for listening in some gremium, like clubs, or gigs of themselves. I mean this band is awesome, but We need to stay for a while, and wait for more musical material, and give them resolution, as listeners should makes it too. More satisfaction would give Us, the Video with them on stage. It would be concelebration of modern Grinding by new bands, like Pighead itselfs. Nasty music, is what We preffered, so there's always will be a space for Grinders players, and other extreme musicans. One thing is automatic drums, try to find drummer quickly. Hopefully, they will play a little bit longer as a band- then time of one album, or Demo. Demo of Pighead remind me Vile a such, and Cryptopsy, on their way to play it self music - Death Grind \ Gore Metal. It's a brilliant feeling to find new band, and known it's good peace of meat and also good conclusion for American Death Metal players. Keep on' this Metal and don't stop playing'. Beginning are always hard, but you did good job, and you deserve for good review also. This one is first for good way of this playing in Pighead. Let's Grind !
Yamatu - Shurpu Asaru
Unholy Black Metal
Influences: Darkthrone , Satyricon , Mayhem , Peste Noire , Demilich

Yamatu making' an louds condignations between Peste Noire, and Demilich. Peste Noire estetics, and vocals influences from Demilich, makes a core from Mayhem's resolutions. Nasty, and horroric Black Metal noizzes, like Darkthrone, from Goatlord album. It's another masterpiece of Unholy Black Metal conceptions, nasty it is. In this case it could be another Post- production from Norway, I'm guessing now, because artist (and label also...) don't wan't to gave Us answer, what country it is. This album making two parts contamination, like good old Heavy Rocks vinyls: The First part making horroric Black Metal atmosphere, and second is a little bit worse, because this atmosphere banishing, and musicans left us only pieces of not really unusual Black Metal arts. It's don't really compare to each other, for contaminated listener of this Music. We would say, let the progresion of Black Metal going thru - Concept is only a piece of dunes. Good guitarist works, and vocals oblivients from different bands, like ICS. V. and early Setherial, confluences too. We like it, We enjoy it, and We wan't to support an good, Underground Black Metal scenes. Give us some more advanced albums from this reason. This album is really worth to listen by advanced Black Metal fans.

niedziela, 3 maja 2015

Nightside Glance - Gray Haven
Black Metal
influences : Dimmu Borgir , Samael , Tiamat

This position presenting the beginning of some great induction to Black Metal. This is a first demo of them, and it's making snatches and some distortions with positively feelings of mine. Let's try to compare passion of playing Metal, whitch is not possible because they really started with it a long time ago, and they keeping this flame for us till this day. This gents known what Metal should sounds like, and they wan't to progress not only themselves, what is - in Plus for them of course. This simple denation tritten musicians for procesion of progress like themselves for True Black Metal. This method is keeping philosophy and also this time music all in one compacted empiric (-but not empiristic) place. This album - Gray Haven - reminds Dimmu Borgir tracks, what sounds nice and clear. Good guitars accords and agressive Black Metal vocals giving nice remindery feeling, like Dimmu Borgir just straight. This troop deserve for more recirdings and some gigs for the beginning, and some release on CD, not only on internet. We are more than happy, that Nightside Glance are playing Black Metal, and We wan't to listen more of your tracks. Yes, give Us more of your progresive divinity and let's gave Us still a pieces of your passion. Hail !!

poniedziałek, 27 kwietnia 2015

Moonspell - Under Satanae

influences : Benediction , Rotting Christ , Venom

Under Satanae is an concept with some over bands influences, like Rotting Christ shall start this path of playing'... This act is fresh, because all bands wanted to plays more like Norwegian, or Swedish bands indeed. Moonspell is going now different and it giving more satisfaction for fan' or listener. There's a lot space for modern or new playing bands with this modernistic styles. We can say Behemoth from Poland is going this path too. No wonder for them at all it is, like we say just stop the transision and conclude the impact of music arena itself. Yes for them and this review is concluded to for promotions and support the musical manifests of non ignorance artistic behavings. Moonspell is playing definetely long time, and it's have this form better, and better. All albums are thematicely different, and more beautiful, then preciuns once. We respect this band, and want to listen more noizes and tracks from them at all. Don't give us more pleasure and don't change the musical revistation, or them like avangarde non style all of you playing. You will say it is non compacted, but We will say it is. The rule of artism is condensed, but riffs are imagineritery different for listener. Lets give us more of this music for listen Moonpell and them secrets for music fans, and them for artictis listener, like We are the first and lightely listenening the artism for separatevitely things. Give us more music Moonspell, the Great onces of music mania.

wtorek, 21 kwietnia 2015

Slice The Cake - The Man With No Face
Progresive Death Metal
influences: Psycroptic , Necrophagist , Cryptopsy

First meeting with Slice The Cake was spectacular, because the reason of listening is very dark and a lot difficult. This is the progresive Death Metal unisono playing' without conclusion at technical aspects of modern music of this kind of style. I mean this musicians can play harder' for sure,but this riffs have got atmospheric side at all. Let say this role it is spectacular, and it's deeply procesed by musicians also. The beginning of it, it's not in this band, but they really know what they doing. With this regulators We can listening Slice The Cake all the time, like any other band, what is advanced in music. This is In Plus for them, and within' disscusion of another time of their fresh music too. This specific vawes giving' reason of idolatry listening this procees of arranging songs. Something unusual is in this band, where We are trying to take another song, but we still have to listening this one, once and again at the time, like the train in station coming to the end. We (listeners) are specialy welcomed to have simple enjoyingal with this not are brutal, but technical tracks with deep titles and lirycs sides. We wan't to be more excused by orientists and shape by not to vulgar continuation, let say keep it and stay brutal, like the Death Metal musician should play like too.

czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2015

Gorguts - Colored Sands
Progresive Death Metal
Influences : Morbid Angel , Deathspell Omega , Excommunion

Here we have once another cacophonics on guitars and all sounds, what remains Excommunion, and some tracks of old Venom. It's briliant to play music like this, and it's a lot joiful to listen this accomodation of unsounds, like them were do this before. The roots of this music is in Jazz, and not in any Rock music at all. Don't mistake it with Yattering, or Immolation. It's not the point to get emotional scores of (let say) eavenues of emotions by Distortioned rock music. The arrangs is specified on listening modules of Death Metal. This is in plus for Gorguts and it have come to be a big band like the mostely want to be. This inflow is really amazing and it have something to dismember with good Jazz articulation. What we wan't to say its not a little guitar technics, but something more, what we called' concept and this is potential with this whole album and their music. This is the common and wanted aspect of assesing this music. Let say they are really technician advanced and talented aswell. This nasty riffs are uplifting listener to his music potential. Good idea to play Jazz in Metal advanced' aspects or Jazz in Metal at all. It's good piece of music and We wish them to play that hard as before, and to get idea for another album of Gorguts, very quick and heavy of course. Stay with it... !
Portal - Vexovoid
Brutal Death Metal ...
influences : Dark Funeral, Morbid Angel , Immolation

Dark and beauties Death Metal music are coming' to the end , within this consens' this is so lovely and nasty at once. We like it, we' enjoy it we need this captured bands. But we have lightely common' disfigurativ basses and joiful disguised within coming from playing uplifters, obvieusely uplifters they are. I mean it's not a easely playing troop to be liked like a ducks from breakfast. Not a lot its a nicely playing Grunge' or Death Metal passionately synonims. We have here deep anarchized' brutality with accords of euphoristic criticism of uncommon misteriuslivetely like music it is. Just like that. Give me the marbless musicans, the level to join in and a big passion to be extremely rotten within, like the Death Metal players shall do... Shall they? Yes please ! Our post surrealistic concepts can be destroyed by their strings or hands, without conclusion, whateever to say, this is postern arts of our visionery. Lets keep it and known about it, like this is the boundless of extremelie technics. This condamnation is stage playing conclusion, this is the essence of demonstration without, and without apologies. It's not a cacophony, it's realism without realistic aspectations of vulgar structures of other Metal playing bands. Like joiful we are.. !

piątek, 6 lutego 2015

Coph Nia - The Dark Illuminati - A Celestial Tragedy In Two Acts
Post Metal artism

The state of disgrassive disvolvement artism is have the begining with ordinary preparation or with filthy avangarding preparation- or motivation. This (deep at this times) orientation is prepared for realistic, or inrealistic form, where music could take the listener, or what could show to him. There is aspiration to be something more, or aspiration to take something deeper then just a popular music can take us too- no wonder! This state of inpopularity don't treat nobody at the same ingresive estetics. There is a differents between artism and arts promotion, in this case artism of Post Metal getting stronger and what's relatively or objectively good for these forms are very common, or plesently tritten by consumers (listeners...). Artism is still likely relativity retailing... The form is Metal, the inform is Post Artism, and the avangarde is also gentle with their very popular music of Post Metal. With regards we wan't to popular this music, but increasing with artistic meaning is more important, than promotional evaluation. Project, called Coph Nia is no more, than Post- orientic preparation for new form of culture, with facts of alknown with new relativity. Nobody will do it better then himself with my help to answer the cultural times, like the answer of non-awangarding modern pop culture. These involves at all, are created by sensitive artists, and this relations are also known for many years by also known (let say) musicians with their aspirations to be more sure, or (-)truely tritten their art. We gently promoting Metal music, and this is the stuff, what should be good tritten by media, and enthusiastic listeners.
Merciful Nuns - Exosphere VI
Post Metal
influences: Fields Of Nephilim , Black Sabbath , Gojira , Behemoth

This album is not coming' excacly from the Metal suspisions, but artism is clear and satisfying. This album is a Metal one, but we still can hear the heavy Rock music atmosphere. This atmosphere is delightely taken from Gojira or Pink Floyd bands, or even from artistic researches of Behemoth horde. "Exosphere VI" is an original and superstitional impresion of dark side of music. This proportion is created for listeners who's waiting for an evengarde inspirations. This expectations gonna be released by Merciful Nuns in almost 100% with kind of passion and artistic flow. It's like artistic invitation to new kind of artism with one' excuse: it should be Metal avangade in this or even in some way, not just artistic researches at all. This artistic avangarde can be nicely tritten by listeners and it's understenable on every way. We are open to this music orientation like we objectively tolereated new ways of music styles. We know this style sounds like something more, but it could (or should) be more directional created. Merciful Nuns plays between Metal, and Experimental Jazz or New Jazz and we think, it should be more transigned to some basic orientations, like we had them for many years- till! We are waiting for new album with flow and rithms, and overcome to our destinate music initations and delicated preferetions, whatever it sounds like.
Altar Of Betelgeuze - Darknes Sustains The Silence
Post Metal
influences: Danzig , Iron Maiden , Sodom
In my short opinion, there's no time for rock'n'roll anymore. Some longer words of this art is still alive, but it will be soon or lately overcome. New way of tradition is litely and entusiastic emancipated, hopefully it will be done in artism like Black Metal or post Metal it is. There is no conclusion, like objectively it use to be in quite surrealistic dimensional ordination. This Post-artistic or even artistical transision is just alikely impresionism taken from Metal orientism, just the music should sound like. More to say from the orientism it's not just a literaly perfection, it's more concluded sensuality of this music transmision. Metal is the answer and it's not unetically suspected or expected. It's new arts in Metal forms. We had bands like Motorhead, Metallica, Iron Maiden or even Death Metal- Morbid Angel. Now we've got Post Metal and (let say') some space for theese bands and projects. This music is like moon and sun overrelated in one artism, what is called Post Metal. I never heard anything so intensive like this music before. We are invited to be listeners of something Big...