piątek, 6 lutego 2015

Coph Nia - The Dark Illuminati - A Celestial Tragedy In Two Acts
Post Metal artism

The state of disgrassive disvolvement artism is have the begining with ordinary preparation or with filthy avangarding preparation- or motivation. This (deep at this times) orientation is prepared for realistic, or inrealistic form, where music could take the listener, or what could show to him. There is aspiration to be something more, or aspiration to take something deeper then just a popular music can take us too- no wonder! This state of inpopularity don't treat nobody at the same ingresive estetics. There is a differents between artism and arts promotion, in this case artism of Post Metal getting stronger and what's relatively or objectively good for these forms are very common, or plesently tritten by consumers (listeners...). Artism is still likely relativity retailing... The form is Metal, the inform is Post Artism, and the avangarde is also gentle with their very popular music of Post Metal. With regards we wan't to popular this music, but increasing with artistic meaning is more important, than promotional evaluation. Project, called Coph Nia is no more, than Post- orientic preparation for new form of culture, with facts of alknown with new relativity. Nobody will do it better then himself with my help to answer the cultural times, like the answer of non-awangarding modern pop culture. These involves at all, are created by sensitive artists, and this relations are also known for many years by also known (let say) musicians with their aspirations to be more sure, or (-)truely tritten their art. We gently promoting Metal music, and this is the stuff, what should be good tritten by media, and enthusiastic listeners.

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