piątek, 6 lutego 2015

Altar Of Betelgeuze - Darknes Sustains The Silence
Post Metal
influences: Danzig , Iron Maiden , Sodom
In my short opinion, there's no time for rock'n'roll anymore. Some longer words of this art is still alive, but it will be soon or lately overcome. New way of tradition is litely and entusiastic emancipated, hopefully it will be done in artism like Black Metal or post Metal it is. There is no conclusion, like objectively it use to be in quite surrealistic dimensional ordination. This Post-artistic or even artistical transision is just alikely impresionism taken from Metal orientism, just the music should sound like. More to say from the orientism it's not just a literaly perfection, it's more concluded sensuality of this music transmision. Metal is the answer and it's not unetically suspected or expected. It's new arts in Metal forms. We had bands like Motorhead, Metallica, Iron Maiden or even Death Metal- Morbid Angel. Now we've got Post Metal and (let say') some space for theese bands and projects. This music is like moon and sun overrelated in one artism, what is called Post Metal. I never heard anything so intensive like this music before. We are invited to be listeners of something Big...

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