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Merrimack - The Acausal Mass
Post Metal \ Black Metal
influences: Vesania , Satyricon , Metallica
This is the band who don't wan't to plays just average Black Metal music. They really wan't to play something more and something stronger than their Metal friends. They are experienced in music, but not yet in Metal, what's giving unexpected results (in positive meaning of course). Nasty and sarcastic or even blasphemous structures of tracks are awesome, and this radical blasphemical atmosphere is not too bad aswell. One thing is, these tracks could be more technical, because We know, that in this band don't playing amateurs now. It is good to hear different tempos of every track, but it's not all yet in "The Acausal Mass" album. All fokus are in music, not in blasphemy, so We would like to listen more technical parts like so. It is good work of musicians, but We definitively knows, that they can playing more. Besides that this album is interesant and We're not bored to listen it so. Good arrangements, and quasi tactical way of arranging these songs and playing them. Very good and nasty videoclip is making this album all known, and stronger because of screen visions of musicians. Very strong are results in flow of this music and it's good for musicians, because they made their results at so. We wish to listen next album soon with any more fresh musical stuff. We know this style of music, and we know you can plays much better. We mean this is good one, but next one suppose to be a very good one soon. Let's wait for it now.

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