niedziela, 9 listopada 2014

Spektr - Cypher
Post Metal \ Black Metal
influences: Mayhem , Limbonic Art , Dark Funeral
Spektr presents new and fresh arts called Post Metal indeed. In this case this is fresh style, but based on modern Black Metal arts like Mayhem or Dark Funeral. We can hear some infra sounds too, what is part of their artistic work. It's a bit misterious, because We don't know these musicians and We are affraid to listen infra sounds taken from strangers players. This is this exception, and one more, resolution of sound could be much brighter, but everything else is based on good ideas too. Very talented people have to play in this band, because this is new style of playing and they know, that they doing something new and fresh on Metal scene. These new music things are called Post Metal, and we know that, there gonna be more bands like Spektr, who will play their individual Conception of Metal. I don't mean only music side, but this is what's all around Metal as culutre what it is. Good for them, because they are brave artists and they know where is space for them on Metal scene - they just know how to play now. They are young musicians, what we can hear, but this expresssion is kind of fresh one, and they didn't forget to play nasty riffs too, what is in plus for these gents. Maybe it's a bit too much from Mayhem at influences they playing. Even that We do think this is good debut, and they deserve to play another music material. Spooky, emotionalising sounds with Post Metal \ Black Metal riffs are awesome, they makes some suggestions, what's planned and arranged. It's good to listen these new sounds and waiting for some more stuff from them.

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