sobota, 8 listopada 2014

Alterbeast - Immortal
Brutal Death Metal
influences: Fleshgod Apocalypse , Blotted Science , Death
In dobe of progression of Metal music we have got here Alterbeast - ultra professional band. They Really know what they want's in music and this gents really know how to overplay maniacs minds and their incomes sensitibilities. This album is Ultra Brutal with virtuosering arrangs on the top. What we mean this album is just nasty one as fuck! Very good guitars scales overplaying , great and dirty growling and drummer who don't sleep at even one minute of this album. Vocalist prooves, that he isn't too old or too 'old stylish to play modern Death Metal music. The Immortal album is very dynamic and clear in this meaning, but drummer and vocalist are trying' to break this regule or definition. It's good for them, because this is what modern Death Metal is bringin on first request. We can try to find some (let's say) old stuff solutions, but this is not what's we here, and what's about it. Here, in Alterbeast we have got virtuoserie, then these solutions, than stylish brutality, or even in flow (what is simular, but not the same). A bit of Jazz experiments makes this album more trendy, but not fancy at all. They really gave a kick into Death Metal music arrangements, and we hope this is not their last word in this crew. We are waiting for any promotional videoclip what's plesently common' or live gigs on internet. This album is fresh, and we wish so, to listen these tracks live and check how they sounds like on live stage. Well done, good one, excelent work, I'm your big fan.

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