wtorek, 4 listopada 2014

Rings Of Saturn - Lugal Ki En
Death Grind Metal / Jazz Metal
influences: Vital Remains , Viraemia , Cephalic Carnage
"Lugal Ki En" in a meaning of technics and emotional conceptions is very advanced album. It is much better than previous one, because all tracks are more thinkable arranged. This is important for listener, especialy because of his music concentration. Tracks are very fast and Ultra Brutal, and there is lots of Jazz motives to. We mean also, there are more ideas for new album atmosphere (if We could name it "atmosphere" indeed), with old technician aspects of playing Rings Of Saturn arrangs. There is question indeed: Is it more Metal, or more Jazz music? It is important for fans, who definitely preffered Metal music at all. We think it is Metal, very brutal and technical one, but it still sounds like Jazz also, it is not clear. For sure we've got something here for Metalists and for Jazz Listeners too. We like both, so it's a good time for listen this music too. Here we can listen Brutal Death Metal / Grind Metal tracks with many aspects of playing to New Jazz and Experimental Jazz too. We wish to see this band not only on Metal gigs and fests, but on Jazz events too. This state of Metal deserved for kind of expansions. On this state of advance we suppose ask to, where this style of music should go now: more to jazz ways or better would be to stay more like Brutal Metal music? It's brilliant thing to listen this music, but we have to say where is sense of plays this kind of Metal scene? We preffered this styles of Jazz Metal music, but maybe there is something "behind the scene", where is it now? What stage of level this music is in now?

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