piątek, 26 października 2018

Anthem- "Praeposterum"
Death Metal
influences: Grave, Hate Eternal, Decapitated

This is second long play album-after two Demo CD's- of Polish Death Metal band called Anthem. This album is more brutal, more fast, more technical on drums like Mark Pitruzella with Brain Drill, and guitars also. I recomed this album for Death Metal maniax, because this style is excellent prepared for them. We can hear this is brutal album even labeled from Death Metal maniax who plays in this band. Very good drums, and vocal is definetely hearing in this album "Praeposterum", and this is news for all maniax of technical electric guitars riffs, and it makes this compositions unforgetable. Guitars are more then just good, and their ideas for their tracks are hearing on first place. This is one of these European albums, when you can have another fresh brilliant Death Metal album tape, or CD in your collections, and play it with friends to makes them likes Death Metal even more, and stronger. This album is very long, and enthusiastic for listeners- like Decapitated, Vader, Fleshcrawl. Very good work with many aspects, and options of positives scores to hear this Brutal Death Metal album many times.

niedziela, 21 października 2018

Thornium- "Dominions of the Eclipse"
black Metal
Influences: Dark Funeral, Immemorial, Corozy Projeckt

I've been waiting for this album long time, and I'm very happy of this I can listen this band once again still now. This is first time while musicians connected fast black metal, and technical aspects of playing fast extreme Metal, with progressive sides of music... This band is legend allready with this album, and this electric gruitars, and drums are verry fresh, with this modern extremal base of this playings tracks structures. They are very fast, and sarcastic- even extremely in this artistic way... I like it very much, specially with their homogenic structures of playings, and creating tracks. This vocals are really dreadfull, and dark. This is not just another black Metal album. You will like Thornium compositions, if you like Dark Funeral, Immemorial, Corozy Projeckt, Sinister, Anima Damnata... We like this kinds of art also, and We want more Extreme black Metal noises with this band soon... This is big naughty, horrorifical black Metal album;always fast, and all the time in front- with this music. We won't "give this album on shelf"- it's to good.

wtorek, 20 grudnia 2016

Nephasth - "Conceived By Inhuman Blood"
Death Metal
influences: Krisiun, Dies Irae, Vader
Nephasth is a talented Death Metal band, with good guitar riffs, and fast annihilations of drums. Brutal growling on vocals, technical solos on guitars giving us good portions of Death Metal with very fasts aspects of playing this Metal. There are many bands playing Death Metal, but Nephasth is good one, and for sure is very good to remember this name of band, and their albums. We won't compare this band to any albums of another Death Metal bands, because it's original, and brutal, as no one band like they are playing Death Metal too. Very good work of musicans is really on the top of matters of this music... It's not just a chance to play Death Metal, and waiting for opinions, but it's really brutal way of playing this music. We have also good atmosphere, what is a difficult to plays it in this music. Professional sounds with groove, and drums accompaniament also- fast Death Metal. It's really excellent plays for Metal fan. It's more than fan of this music can expect, and it's really good. This is not another Metal album on your shelf, but it's one of the best albums of this music ever, at the Nephasth gives us the feeling of this music...
Bishop Of Hexen - "The Nightmarish Compositions"
Black Metal
influences: Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Limbonic Art

This awesome band is going more in their Black Metal music, then Metal can trust it at all in optimistic conclusions... This rythmical, and operistic atmosphere is going darker, and longer to the dark side of Metal in realtives of bands with good labeled tracks. Good vocals with Black Metal growlings, and also sings the parts of music to gives better compositions. Guitars like from Emperor, and drums like from Dimmu Borgir. Awesome music, and awesome ideas are in "The Nightmarish Sompositions" album. This band is in very good condition, what's we can hear in this fast, and truely loud tracks. This band deserved to be more, than another Black Metal band in objectivies, and we would like to see them on stage with professional Black Metal bands, and in festivals also. Bishop Of Hexen on this album giving us lots of emotions, and enthusiastic aspirations to hear their poetry in Black Metal evocations. It's beggining to be an opera, and Bishop Of Hexen is one of these bands for sure! It's not only about the influences, and other bands, but it's about the ideas of Black Metal music on stage, and worldwide also. Let's be the fans of progressing in world Black Metal.

piątek, 18 listopada 2016

Master - " An Epiphany Of Hate"
Black Metal
influences : Motorhead , Immortal , Graveland

In 2016 we can hear good ideas of playing not very difficult Metal, like the best bands from United States. Master brings to us good stuff, and simple songs with fast Black Metal album. This music it's not like Metal with biggest influences, but this is good conception too, and very good arrangement, It's the music, not like just to be the best with playing on their good instruments. All album is called "An Epiphany Of Hate", what can means is the most preaciate album of Master. It is really awesome, and it is good to hear this band, and enjoy this condition of playing. Very agressive, and radical Metal with advanced conception is just the first feeling of this album. It's more like the experience of just more than music, with Metal also. It's good, and not fancy... This trying is normal way of looking for this trainsection, what can be true, or simpatic, with culture aspects of alls. Good drums giving shurely satisfaction of listening "An Epiphany Of Hate", and not to be really modernistic in this. Excellent working issues giving to us like new aspects in population, what is really well done. We probably don't know what gonna be in another albums, but we won't stop to hear so good band like Master.
Dahmer - "Dahmerized"
Death Grind Metal
influences : Mortician , Dead Infection , Dying Fetus

Dahmer is a fresh playing ambitional band with good sound, album, and music at all. Good distortioned guitars with vocal, and drums giving us spectacular Death Grind Metal groove music, especially like Mortician. Good riffs, stylised rythms, and brutal growling. All ambitional way of playing this music is a more than passion, or just to try to play in Death Metal band. All this influences makes unforgetable impression of this music. It's sound really awesome. It's quite fast, and very heavy (groovy). I have been really suprised after starting to listen this band, but now I just like them more, than band what I know more, and also longer than Dahmer. The true is, this band deserved for tritting, and satisfying them for this very popular music, but it can be too early, because in my experience some good, or even awesome band are not so producing after good scores, and expressing good skills. Dahmer is brilliant in Death Metal, and I want to have all dicography from shop, and not only one, or two albums of this band. "Dahmerized" is for shore an good shot of music for this excamples, as we can hear in Death Metal right now in comparing them to others brutal Death Metal bands.

czwartek, 8 października 2015

Orchidectomy - A Prelate's Attrition
Brutal Death Metal
influences : Iniquity , Demilich , Yattering
Gorgasm - Destined To Violate
Technical Death Metal
Influences : Deeds Of Flesh , Dying Fetus , Necrophagist , Disfigured

Technical aspects of Amrerican Death Metal are always fucking brilliant . This guys never will stop - and they Never Will Stop ... This time we've got Gorgasm , what is The Mighty Deicide , and Deeds Of Flesh in our speakers . Riffs like Necrophagist , and drummings straight like Dying Fetus . Fresh and nasty : like I've been waiting for this album since Path Of The Weakening of Deeds Of Flesh . Another Album Of the Year Gents . So... We would like to say : Death Metal is still in brilliant condition . Good musician gonna be always on the top , and they will do they've progress at instrumental aspects of this music . Gorgasm sounds awesome and professional - they are on the top with this music , and this skills , as a Instrumentalists . Good work of bass guitarr , and rest of the band . This is not an album , who gonna stay on your shelf with music . They will catch you , if you like Technical , and Brutal Death Metal . Nice , and spooky jingles between tracks give to us nasty taste of humour , and a bit sarcastic . It's not last album in this style We hope , and this band will deserve for Respect , and place on stage between Titans . Dynamic , Technical way of plaing gets results on albums , and gigs . This may content passions , and very important professional traditions of playing Brutal , and Extreme Metal . Big class conctept , good way of playing , good sounds . Maybe drummer could be more characteristic .

wtorek, 15 września 2015

Impiety - Ravage and Conquer
Death Metal
Influences : Behemoth , Mastiphall , Morbid Angel

Modern Age of Blasphemic Death Metal is getting well with Impiety from Polska . We have bands : Azarath and Parricide and more of others . Now it's time for Ravage & Conquer of Impiety . We got speed , Death Metal and agression in blasphemical view . Good drummer work , brilliiant guitar riffs , painted with vocals , and this bass : more than awesome . This is ressurection of Metal , and Death Metal Indeed . This is much more , then pure hating' Metal : this is more then avantgarde . They made really good work on this album . It sounds like American Death Metal , but it's still European , and this is nasty playing stuff of Metal Maniacs , and musicians . This is very hard stuff , and it will enjoyed for all Brutal Death Metal fans , and all musician who want's to play this kind of music . This guys having experience in other Metal bands , but now they came each other , and getting - in large of creations , to have excellent Death Metal confluention , and much more , then such a couple albums . They really having well in Impety , and We hope they will carry on this stuff , and methods . There is a big sense of playing this music . It's more than just average band , and they really gettings scores of they skills , and their of playing \and listening also\ music . With this confluention We've got passion of having bigger stuff , like they got do it aswell : We mean Morbid Angel can do it , and some other bands , like Immolation can do it too . Impiety getting results from the beginning , and it's really awesome . Big Plus , and Hail for Impiety !
Materia - We Are Materia
Metal DeathCore
influences : The Haarp Machine , Cryptopsy , Megadeth , Gojira

This album is a quite difficult to introduce , at once . This music is very fresh , and having brilliant articulation . Nobody done it so nicely , like Materia does it in this album , and this ideas are very catchy , and /what's tottaly new/ heavy at at time . This is a Masterpiece of new bands on Stage . We have kind of Hardcore , and Death Metal in their style . Good arranged tonations with loud , and agressive growlings , brilliant guitar parts , tottaly offensive bass parts . This guys definitely knows what they are doing , and they having well . I mean some new kinds of Metal arrangements giving conceptions , and supporting for some new kinds of ideas , but this troop have so good ideas for their music , and We have no objections to this album . It's more Jazz than Jazz - you know what We mean . This album is true based on two parts , and it is a lighter one , and heavier one of course . In meaning of DeathCore metal we have got portionism with speed , and groovy Metal \ Jazz symptoms , and this is what We try to say in this Review . Somebody would like to ask : what with their gigs , and are they like same with albums ? We have been twice on their gigs , and this atmosphere was definitely positive , this gigs were done very well : We've catcht it . They got demo , debut album , and - We Are Materia _ is their second album \longplay\ and they are concert and gigs bands for Us . Materia were playing on Wacken Open Air in 2015 and tours with Decapitated . They have own open air sublocal festival \MateriaFest\ in Szczecunek , so We mean they are getting pretty well . Well Done Materia , Stay Metal !

środa, 10 czerwca 2015

Luna Ad Noctum - Hypnotic Inferno
Black Metal
influences : Old Man's Child , Dark Funeral , Vader


Luna Ad Noctum presents fast, and entusiasthic album with Black Metal music, like Norwegian Black Metal imself. They are talented, and they've got an empiric influentical aspirations to plays this kinds of music events at all. With passion, and good technical drummer, like they have, it's sounds professional, and nasty. They plays dynamic music, with faster parts, to make more dark (or Black) tracks. Album Hypnotic Inferno having 9 tracks, with some Death Metal influences also, like Vader, or later Deicide. It makes good compact composition of fast Black Metal music, like Old Man's Child, or Dark Funeral. Hypnotic Inferno stays in memory, what's In-plus for Metal bands, and listener want's to hear this album quite often after all. We preffer this kinds of albums, what's having good conception for music and all things arround, like flows, atwork with image, and videoclips. Luna Ad Noctum gave as whole composition of this Black Metal arrangements. This is good prospering band, they have empiric insolve with good music studio, they playing Gigs, and they having released artistic videoclip. Hypnotic Inferno making nice base to play it on stage. This material is created to play one, by one concert and enjoying it with fans- on live shows. We enjoying this professional album, and wishing all the best for Luna Ad Noctum.