piątek, 18 listopada 2016

Master - " An Epiphany Of Hate"
Black Metal
influences : Motorhead , Immortal , Graveland

In 2016 we can hear good ideas of playing not very difficult Metal, like the best bands from United States. Master brings to us good stuff, and simple songs with fast Black Metal album. This music it's not like Metal with biggest influences, but this is good conception too, and very good arrangement, It's the music, not like just to be the best with playing on their good instruments. All album is called "An Epiphany Of Hate", what can means is the most preaciate album of Master. It is really awesome, and it is good to hear this band, and enjoy this condition of playing. Very agressive, and radical Metal with advanced conception is just the first feeling of this album. It's more like the experience of just more than music, with Metal also. It's good, and not fancy... This trying is normal way of looking for this trainsection, what can be true, or simpatic, with culture aspects of alls. Good drums giving shurely satisfaction of listening "An Epiphany Of Hate", and not to be really modernistic in this. Excellent working issues giving to us like new aspects in population, what is really well done. We probably don't know what gonna be in another albums, but we won't stop to hear so good band like Master.

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