wtorek, 20 grudnia 2016

Bishop Of Hexen - "The Nightmarish Compositions"
Black Metal
influences: Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Limbonic Art

This awesome band is going more in their Black Metal music, then Metal can trust it at all in optimistic conclusions... This rythmical, and operistic atmosphere is going darker, and longer to the dark side of Metal in realtives of bands with good labeled tracks. Good vocals with Black Metal growlings, and also sings the parts of music to gives better compositions. Guitars like from Emperor, and drums like from Dimmu Borgir. Awesome music, and awesome ideas are in "The Nightmarish Sompositions" album. This band is in very good condition, what's we can hear in this fast, and truely loud tracks. This band deserved to be more, than another Black Metal band in objectivies, and we would like to see them on stage with professional Black Metal bands, and in festivals also. Bishop Of Hexen on this album giving us lots of emotions, and enthusiastic aspirations to hear their poetry in Black Metal evocations. It's beggining to be an opera, and Bishop Of Hexen is one of these bands for sure! It's not only about the influences, and other bands, but it's about the ideas of Black Metal music on stage, and worldwide also. Let's be the fans of progressing in world Black Metal.

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