wtorek, 20 grudnia 2016

Nephasth - "Conceived By Inhuman Blood"
Death Metal
influences: Krisiun, Dies Irae, Vader
Nephasth is a talented Death Metal band, with good guitar riffs, and fast annihilations of drums. Brutal growling on vocals, technical solos on guitars giving us good portions of Death Metal with very fasts aspects of playing this Metal. There are many bands playing Death Metal, but Nephasth is good one, and for sure is very good to remember this name of band, and their albums. We won't compare this band to any albums of another Death Metal bands, because it's original, and brutal, as no one band like they are playing Death Metal too. Very good work of musicans is really on the top of matters of this music... It's not just a chance to play Death Metal, and waiting for opinions, but it's really brutal way of playing this music. We have also good atmosphere, what is a difficult to plays it in this music. Professional sounds with groove, and drums accompaniament also- fast Death Metal. It's really excellent plays for Metal fan. It's more than fan of this music can expect, and it's really good. This is not another Metal album on your shelf, but it's one of the best albums of this music ever, at the Nephasth gives us the feeling of this music...

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