niedziela, 21 października 2018

Thornium- "Dominions of the Eclipse"
black Metal
Influences: Dark Funeral, Immemorial, Corozy Projeckt

I've been waiting for this album long time, and I'm very happy of this I can listen this band once again still now. This is first time while musicians connected fast black metal, and technical aspects of playing fast extreme Metal, with progressive sides of music... This band is legend allready with this album, and this electric gruitars, and drums are verry fresh, with this modern extremal base of this playings tracks structures. They are very fast, and sarcastic- even extremely in this artistic way... I like it very much, specially with their homogenic structures of playings, and creating tracks. This vocals are really dreadfull, and dark. This is not just another black Metal album. You will like Thornium compositions, if you like Dark Funeral, Immemorial, Corozy Projeckt, Sinister, Anima Damnata... We like this kinds of art also, and We want more Extreme black Metal noises with this band soon... This is big naughty, horrorifical black Metal album;always fast, and all the time in front- with this music. We won't "give this album on shelf"- it's to good.

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