niedziela, 9 listopada 2014

Merrimack - The Acausal Mass
Post Metal \ Black Metal
influences: Vesania , Satyricon , Metallica
This is the band who don't wan't to plays just average Black Metal music. They really wan't to play something more and something stronger than their Metal friends. They are experienced in music, but not yet in Metal, what's giving unexpected results (in positive meaning of course). Nasty and sarcastic or even blasphemous structures of tracks are awesome, and this radical blasphemical atmosphere is not too bad aswell. One thing is, these tracks could be more technical, because We know, that in this band don't playing amateurs now. It is good to hear different tempos of every track, but it's not all yet in "The Acausal Mass" album. All fokus are in music, not in blasphemy, so We would like to listen more technical parts like so. It is good work of musicians, but We definitively knows, that they can playing more. Besides that this album is interesant and We're not bored to listen it so. Good arrangements, and quasi tactical way of arranging these songs and playing them. Very good and nasty videoclip is making this album all known, and stronger because of screen visions of musicians. Very strong are results in flow of this music and it's good for musicians, because they made their results at so. We wish to listen next album soon with any more fresh musical stuff. We know this style of music, and we know you can plays much better. We mean this is good one, but next one suppose to be a very good one soon. Let's wait for it now.
Spektr - Cypher
Post Metal \ Black Metal
influences: Mayhem , Limbonic Art , Dark Funeral
Spektr presents new and fresh arts called Post Metal indeed. In this case this is fresh style, but based on modern Black Metal arts like Mayhem or Dark Funeral. We can hear some infra sounds too, what is part of their artistic work. It's a bit misterious, because We don't know these musicians and We are affraid to listen infra sounds taken from strangers players. This is this exception, and one more, resolution of sound could be much brighter, but everything else is based on good ideas too. Very talented people have to play in this band, because this is new style of playing and they know, that they doing something new and fresh on Metal scene. These new music things are called Post Metal, and we know that, there gonna be more bands like Spektr, who will play their individual Conception of Metal. I don't mean only music side, but this is what's all around Metal as culutre what it is. Good for them, because they are brave artists and they know where is space for them on Metal scene - they just know how to play now. They are young musicians, what we can hear, but this expresssion is kind of fresh one, and they didn't forget to play nasty riffs too, what is in plus for these gents. Maybe it's a bit too much from Mayhem at influences they playing. Even that We do think this is good debut, and they deserve to play another music material. Spooky, emotionalising sounds with Post Metal \ Black Metal riffs are awesome, they makes some suggestions, what's planned and arranged. It's good to listen these new sounds and waiting for some more stuff from them.

sobota, 8 listopada 2014

Alterbeast - Immortal
Brutal Death Metal
influences: Fleshgod Apocalypse , Blotted Science , Death
In dobe of progression of Metal music we have got here Alterbeast - ultra professional band. They Really know what they want's in music and this gents really know how to overplay maniacs minds and their incomes sensitibilities. This album is Ultra Brutal with virtuosering arrangs on the top. What we mean this album is just nasty one as fuck! Very good guitars scales overplaying , great and dirty growling and drummer who don't sleep at even one minute of this album. Vocalist prooves, that he isn't too old or too 'old stylish to play modern Death Metal music. The Immortal album is very dynamic and clear in this meaning, but drummer and vocalist are trying' to break this regule or definition. It's good for them, because this is what modern Death Metal is bringin on first request. We can try to find some (let's say) old stuff solutions, but this is not what's we here, and what's about it. Here, in Alterbeast we have got virtuoserie, then these solutions, than stylish brutality, or even in flow (what is simular, but not the same). A bit of Jazz experiments makes this album more trendy, but not fancy at all. They really gave a kick into Death Metal music arrangements, and we hope this is not their last word in this crew. We are waiting for any promotional videoclip what's plesently common' or live gigs on internet. This album is fresh, and we wish so, to listen these tracks live and check how they sounds like on live stage. Well done, good one, excelent work, I'm your big fan.

wtorek, 4 listopada 2014

Rings Of Saturn - Lugal Ki En
Death Grind Metal / Jazz Metal
influences: Vital Remains , Viraemia , Cephalic Carnage
"Lugal Ki En" in a meaning of technics and emotional conceptions is very advanced album. It is much better than previous one, because all tracks are more thinkable arranged. This is important for listener, especialy because of his music concentration. Tracks are very fast and Ultra Brutal, and there is lots of Jazz motives to. We mean also, there are more ideas for new album atmosphere (if We could name it "atmosphere" indeed), with old technician aspects of playing Rings Of Saturn arrangs. There is question indeed: Is it more Metal, or more Jazz music? It is important for fans, who definitely preffered Metal music at all. We think it is Metal, very brutal and technical one, but it still sounds like Jazz also, it is not clear. For sure we've got something here for Metalists and for Jazz Listeners too. We like both, so it's a good time for listen this music too. Here we can listen Brutal Death Metal / Grind Metal tracks with many aspects of playing to New Jazz and Experimental Jazz too. We wish to see this band not only on Metal gigs and fests, but on Jazz events too. This state of Metal deserved for kind of expansions. On this state of advance we suppose ask to, where this style of music should go now: more to jazz ways or better would be to stay more like Brutal Metal music? It's brilliant thing to listen this music, but we have to say where is sense of plays this kind of Metal scene? We preffered this styles of Jazz Metal music, but maybe there is something "behind the scene", where is it now? What stage of level this music is in now?