piątek, 18 listopada 2016

Dahmer - "Dahmerized"
Death Grind Metal
influences : Mortician , Dead Infection , Dying Fetus

Dahmer is a fresh playing ambitional band with good sound, album, and music at all. Good distortioned guitars with vocal, and drums giving us spectacular Death Grind Metal groove music, especially like Mortician. Good riffs, stylised rythms, and brutal growling. All ambitional way of playing this music is a more than passion, or just to try to play in Death Metal band. All this influences makes unforgetable impression of this music. It's sound really awesome. It's quite fast, and very heavy (groovy). I have been really suprised after starting to listen this band, but now I just like them more, than band what I know more, and also longer than Dahmer. The true is, this band deserved for tritting, and satisfying them for this very popular music, but it can be too early, because in my experience some good, or even awesome band are not so producing after good scores, and expressing good skills. Dahmer is brilliant in Death Metal, and I want to have all dicography from shop, and not only one, or two albums of this band. "Dahmerized" is for shore an good shot of music for this excamples, as we can hear in Death Metal right now in comparing them to others brutal Death Metal bands.

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