wtorek, 15 września 2015

Impiety - Ravage and Conquer
Death Metal
Influences : Behemoth , Mastiphall , Morbid Angel

Modern Age of Blasphemic Death Metal is getting well with Impiety from Polska . We have bands : Azarath and Parricide and more of others . Now it's time for Ravage & Conquer of Impiety . We got speed , Death Metal and agression in blasphemical view . Good drummer work , brilliiant guitar riffs , painted with vocals , and this bass : more than awesome . This is ressurection of Metal , and Death Metal Indeed . This is much more , then pure hating' Metal : this is more then avantgarde . They made really good work on this album . It sounds like American Death Metal , but it's still European , and this is nasty playing stuff of Metal Maniacs , and musicians . This is very hard stuff , and it will enjoyed for all Brutal Death Metal fans , and all musician who want's to play this kind of music . This guys having experience in other Metal bands , but now they came each other , and getting - in large of creations , to have excellent Death Metal confluention , and much more , then such a couple albums . They really having well in Impety , and We hope they will carry on this stuff , and methods . There is a big sense of playing this music . It's more than just average band , and they really gettings scores of they skills , and their of playing \and listening also\ music . With this confluention We've got passion of having bigger stuff , like they got do it aswell : We mean Morbid Angel can do it , and some other bands , like Immolation can do it too . Impiety getting results from the beginning , and it's really awesome . Big Plus , and Hail for Impiety !

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