wtorek, 15 września 2015

Materia - We Are Materia
Metal DeathCore
influences : The Haarp Machine , Cryptopsy , Megadeth , Gojira

This album is a quite difficult to introduce , at once . This music is very fresh , and having brilliant articulation . Nobody done it so nicely , like Materia does it in this album , and this ideas are very catchy , and /what's tottaly new/ heavy at at time . This is a Masterpiece of new bands on Stage . We have kind of Hardcore , and Death Metal in their style . Good arranged tonations with loud , and agressive growlings , brilliant guitar parts , tottaly offensive bass parts . This guys definitely knows what they are doing , and they having well . I mean some new kinds of Metal arrangements giving conceptions , and supporting for some new kinds of ideas , but this troop have so good ideas for their music , and We have no objections to this album . It's more Jazz than Jazz - you know what We mean . This album is true based on two parts , and it is a lighter one , and heavier one of course . In meaning of DeathCore metal we have got portionism with speed , and groovy Metal \ Jazz symptoms , and this is what We try to say in this Review . Somebody would like to ask : what with their gigs , and are they like same with albums ? We have been twice on their gigs , and this atmosphere was definitely positive , this gigs were done very well : We've catcht it . They got demo , debut album , and - We Are Materia _ is their second album \longplay\ and they are concert and gigs bands for Us . Materia were playing on Wacken Open Air in 2015 and tours with Decapitated . They have own open air sublocal festival \MateriaFest\ in Szczecunek , so We mean they are getting pretty well . Well Done Materia , Stay Metal !

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