środa, 10 czerwca 2015

Luna Ad Noctum - Hypnotic Inferno
Black Metal
influences : Old Man's Child , Dark Funeral , Vader


Luna Ad Noctum presents fast, and entusiasthic album with Black Metal music, like Norwegian Black Metal imself. They are talented, and they've got an empiric influentical aspirations to plays this kinds of music events at all. With passion, and good technical drummer, like they have, it's sounds professional, and nasty. They plays dynamic music, with faster parts, to make more dark (or Black) tracks. Album Hypnotic Inferno having 9 tracks, with some Death Metal influences also, like Vader, or later Deicide. It makes good compact composition of fast Black Metal music, like Old Man's Child, or Dark Funeral. Hypnotic Inferno stays in memory, what's In-plus for Metal bands, and listener want's to hear this album quite often after all. We preffer this kinds of albums, what's having good conception for music and all things arround, like flows, atwork with image, and videoclips. Luna Ad Noctum gave as whole composition of this Black Metal arrangements. This is good prospering band, they have empiric insolve with good music studio, they playing Gigs, and they having released artistic videoclip. Hypnotic Inferno making nice base to play it on stage. This material is created to play one, by one concert and enjoying it with fans- on live shows. We enjoying this professional album, and wishing all the best for Luna Ad Noctum.

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