środa, 10 czerwca 2015

Sunless Rise - Promo
Black Metal Post-Industrial
Influences : Old Man's Child , Steve Vai , Megadeth , At The Gates

This position is dedicated to all guitarists, who want's to play modern technices, and to all listeners who likes modern kinds of music aswell. Let's say this Promo having' something to show by music, they really know how to do it. We ment to promote this band, because of their attention, and passions to music. We know them, and We suppose, they are won't stop after this promo album. Very good guitar parts, becoming more, than Black Metal conwentions, and brilliant, progresive vocal parts too. Whole conception is a Post Industrial Black Metal music, with aspects of speed, and melodical on tracks. It's gives more speed influences from master guitarist. We can listen modernism of Steve Vai's playing on his way, but this technices are more confluented with At The Gates band. It's a kind of satysfying album for listener, and We are enjoying to listen this speed parts, one by one (after good Murphy's of course ). The modernism of this band became from guitar parts, and makes good suspentions for vocalist. He makes his work definetely marbless, and this album concept creates some direction to play modern Black Metal parts for some bands, who want's to play like Sunless Rise, or some simular stuff. We will see, how's it will go with Post-Industrial Black Metal, and we hope so. This mention is dedicated to really big fans of Black Metal. Good work, and don't let us waiting , you know what' for We are not use to wait.

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