niedziela, 10 maja 2015

Pighead - Rotten Body Reanimation
Death Gore \ Grind Metal
Influences: Vile , Yrkoon , Gorehead

Brutal, and nasty first class Grinding groove motionally Metal. This specification climbing this band to the Death Gring top, but reasonable We will say, it's first demo of them. Wow, how this music can shocked, and delightely loves much in this music style. Pighead deserve for fans, and for listening in some gremium, like clubs, or gigs of themselves. I mean this band is awesome, but We need to stay for a while, and wait for more musical material, and give them resolution, as listeners should makes it too. More satisfaction would give Us, the Video with them on stage. It would be concelebration of modern Grinding by new bands, like Pighead itselfs. Nasty music, is what We preffered, so there's always will be a space for Grinders players, and other extreme musicans. One thing is automatic drums, try to find drummer quickly. Hopefully, they will play a little bit longer as a band- then time of one album, or Demo. Demo of Pighead remind me Vile a such, and Cryptopsy, on their way to play it self music - Death Grind \ Gore Metal. It's a brilliant feeling to find new band, and known it's good peace of meat and also good conclusion for American Death Metal players. Keep on' this Metal and don't stop playing'. Beginning are always hard, but you did good job, and you deserve for good review also. This one is first for good way of this playing in Pighead. Let's Grind !

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