niedziela, 3 maja 2015

Nightside Glance - Gray Haven
Black Metal
influences : Dimmu Borgir , Samael , Tiamat

This position presenting the beginning of some great induction to Black Metal. This is a first demo of them, and it's making snatches and some distortions with positively feelings of mine. Let's try to compare passion of playing Metal, whitch is not possible because they really started with it a long time ago, and they keeping this flame for us till this day. This gents known what Metal should sounds like, and they wan't to progress not only themselves, what is - in Plus for them of course. This simple denation tritten musicians for procesion of progress like themselves for True Black Metal. This method is keeping philosophy and also this time music all in one compacted empiric (-but not empiristic) place. This album - Gray Haven - reminds Dimmu Borgir tracks, what sounds nice and clear. Good guitars accords and agressive Black Metal vocals giving nice remindery feeling, like Dimmu Borgir just straight. This troop deserve for more recirdings and some gigs for the beginning, and some release on CD, not only on internet. We are more than happy, that Nightside Glance are playing Black Metal, and We wan't to listen more of your tracks. Yes, give Us more of your progresive divinity and let's gave Us still a pieces of your passion. Hail !!

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