poniedziałek, 27 kwietnia 2015

Moonspell - Under Satanae

influences : Benediction , Rotting Christ , Venom

Under Satanae is an concept with some over bands influences, like Rotting Christ shall start this path of playing'... This act is fresh, because all bands wanted to plays more like Norwegian, or Swedish bands indeed. Moonspell is going now different and it giving more satisfaction for fan' or listener. There's a lot space for modern or new playing bands with this modernistic styles. We can say Behemoth from Poland is going this path too. No wonder for them at all it is, like we say just stop the transision and conclude the impact of music arena itself. Yes for them and this review is concluded to for promotions and support the musical manifests of non ignorance artistic behavings. Moonspell is playing definetely long time, and it's have this form better, and better. All albums are thematicely different, and more beautiful, then preciuns once. We respect this band, and want to listen more noizes and tracks from them at all. Don't give us more pleasure and don't change the musical revistation, or them like avangarde non style all of you playing. You will say it is non compacted, but We will say it is. The rule of artism is condensed, but riffs are imagineritery different for listener. Lets give us more of this music for listen Moonpell and them secrets for music fans, and them for artictis listener, like We are the first and lightely listenening the artism for separatevitely things. Give us more music Moonspell, the Great onces of music mania.

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