czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2015

Portal - Vexovoid
Brutal Death Metal ...
influences : Dark Funeral, Morbid Angel , Immolation

Dark and beauties Death Metal music are coming' to the end , within this consens' this is so lovely and nasty at once. We like it, we' enjoy it we need this captured bands. But we have lightely common' disfigurativ basses and joiful disguised within coming from playing uplifters, obvieusely uplifters they are. I mean it's not a easely playing troop to be liked like a ducks from breakfast. Not a lot its a nicely playing Grunge' or Death Metal passionately synonims. We have here deep anarchized' brutality with accords of euphoristic criticism of uncommon misteriuslivetely like music it is. Just like that. Give me the marbless musicans, the level to join in and a big passion to be extremely rotten within, like the Death Metal players shall do... Shall they? Yes please ! Our post surrealistic concepts can be destroyed by their strings or hands, without conclusion, whateever to say, this is postern arts of our visionery. Lets keep it and known about it, like this is the boundless of extremelie technics. This condamnation is stage playing conclusion, this is the essence of demonstration without, and without apologies. It's not a cacophony, it's realism without realistic aspectations of vulgar structures of other Metal playing bands. Like joiful we are.. !

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