czwartek, 8 października 2015

Gorgasm - Destined To Violate
Technical Death Metal
Influences : Deeds Of Flesh , Dying Fetus , Necrophagist , Disfigured

Technical aspects of Amrerican Death Metal are always fucking brilliant . This guys never will stop - and they Never Will Stop ... This time we've got Gorgasm , what is The Mighty Deicide , and Deeds Of Flesh in our speakers . Riffs like Necrophagist , and drummings straight like Dying Fetus . Fresh and nasty : like I've been waiting for this album since Path Of The Weakening of Deeds Of Flesh . Another Album Of the Year Gents . So... We would like to say : Death Metal is still in brilliant condition . Good musician gonna be always on the top , and they will do they've progress at instrumental aspects of this music . Gorgasm sounds awesome and professional - they are on the top with this music , and this skills , as a Instrumentalists . Good work of bass guitarr , and rest of the band . This is not an album , who gonna stay on your shelf with music . They will catch you , if you like Technical , and Brutal Death Metal . Nice , and spooky jingles between tracks give to us nasty taste of humour , and a bit sarcastic . It's not last album in this style We hope , and this band will deserve for Respect , and place on stage between Titans . Dynamic , Technical way of plaing gets results on albums , and gigs . This may content passions , and very important professional traditions of playing Brutal , and Extreme Metal . Big class conctept , good way of playing , good sounds . Maybe drummer could be more characteristic .

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