piątek, 6 lutego 2015

Merciful Nuns - Exosphere VI
Post Metal
influences: Fields Of Nephilim , Black Sabbath , Gojira , Behemoth

This album is not coming' excacly from the Metal suspisions, but artism is clear and satisfying. This album is a Metal one, but we still can hear the heavy Rock music atmosphere. This atmosphere is delightely taken from Gojira or Pink Floyd bands, or even from artistic researches of Behemoth horde. "Exosphere VI" is an original and superstitional impresion of dark side of music. This proportion is created for listeners who's waiting for an evengarde inspirations. This expectations gonna be released by Merciful Nuns in almost 100% with kind of passion and artistic flow. It's like artistic invitation to new kind of artism with one' excuse: it should be Metal avangade in this or even in some way, not just artistic researches at all. This artistic avangarde can be nicely tritten by listeners and it's understenable on every way. We are open to this music orientation like we objectively tolereated new ways of music styles. We know this style sounds like something more, but it could (or should) be more directional created. Merciful Nuns plays between Metal, and Experimental Jazz or New Jazz and we think, it should be more transigned to some basic orientations, like we had them for many years- till! We are waiting for new album with flow and rithms, and overcome to our destinate music initations and delicated preferetions, whatever it sounds like.

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