środa, 15 października 2014

Carach Angren - Lammendam
Black Metal non Opera
Influences: Dimmu Borgir , Old Man's Child , Metallica
This is Saga with living Opera at flows and Black Metal clear music. This is brilliant idea to compare these far away schools of music and make them to so nasties of arts portraits. We've got here very agressive vocals and post melodic riffs what's makes Carach Angren music more unclearly and nasty. This is fourd released art and they are in good condition still. This album is the heavier one, what We mean the fastest and darker than previous ones. This is new way of playing' Black Metal and these accompaniaments will stay with us for years. Very good lirycs are written to be brilliant stories on way to be after King Diamond's "experiences". It's about town in East Europe and what some people could do with themselves with positive meaning of it own. There are two or even three aspects of understanding the feeling of Carach Angren Operic Black Metal. It's modern Operic school with hard Black Metal guitars and blasting' modern drumming. This band has got good target their music and style. It should prosper in Future and We hope they will play with some headliners bands from Europe or Norway. We still think Carach Angren need to plays faster and more aggressive to be a "league" higher, and We wish them to be there.

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