wtorek, 14 października 2014

Kalter - "Ubuntu" (2012)
progressive Death metal , technical Death metal
influences : Dream Theater , Slayer , Dimmu Borgir

Kalter is special case of playing groves with simular to Dream Theater artism . Nice , atmospheric guitar riffs , hammond organs and growling made quite good and unlinear sound at all. It compose a harmonic way with blasts and splashes and not so boring songs as some bands following hand by hand technical leaders . This time is monumental and electronic also , band show how a good guitar taste should sounds like . Unniceful and dirty vocal with compare of singin' oriental scales brought specific and exciting atmosphere . I would like to remember , that it is Death metal and it sounds like Death metal as tracks in all work of band . Musicans gives some little chance to interprete stylish notifications , but it is clean Death metal stuff . I would say without brutal marks of this style . This is how it is too difficult to arrange the modern way of this kind of music and bands also . Progressive sinonims don't mean technical ways after all . It's not another band with good ideas of playing good music . I think we got experienced and emotional hungry instrumntalists with their own images of oriental hardcore , and playing technical distortioned rock and roll . I mean quite universal style with modern riffs and harmonic emotionlism in all tracks . It gives a bit more brutal expresion than maestros from Dream Theater . Is it another one ? I don't really think so yet , but we will now soon or later . Let's wait :ugeek:

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