wtorek, 14 października 2014

Peste Noire "Ballade Cutre To Ameni Francor"
unholy black metal
influences : Darkthrone , Misanthrope , Deathspell Omega , Burzum

Melancholic and epic black metal horde with French estetics and British stylish remarks sounds awesome . The band is more like friendship theatrical activity of one decadentism art and modern interpretation for actors who are really listeners . This is what black metal Peste Noire artism took to this music . No limit of disgust in creation made another band who can play brave music . These riffs are simply something artistic and unwritable to shout it and show to people . Peste Noire is debutant band , but their tracks gives another objective way of instrumentalism and music after all . The music like other arts is piece of culture , but black metal is a lot alternatives . Band gives instrumental influences on some second or hidden meaning or even estate . Their simple arrangement are trickful as Peste Noire really should sounds like . I ment syntesis of songs and co-syntesis are planned and showed to listeners by black metal estetics . Even album songs are messy uploaded at web research portal , so you could search for by syntesis and created artism . You wont missed it , you won't missed unperfection of tricky debutants , I should tell .... Don't bring the culture to Peste Noire , otherwise they gonna bring black metal messy culture to you . Really nasty ones .

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