czwartek, 23 października 2014

Anthem - Phosphorus
Death Metal
Influences: Deicide , Hate Eternal , Benediction
Anthem debut album, called "Phosphorus" is such different than previous recordings - Demo ones. They made a step to play more clearly and still brutal as they wanted to play all the time. It's good released and with good sound debut album from Poland. Ohnests ways of beeing a band are a particular things for this musicians. This people really made a progress in playing Death Metal, so now they need to seek for Label. Dark sides lirycs and low guitars makes this album more groovy and dark also. They play Death Metal with big passion, so we can listen at this album too. This is not a fancy or trendy way of plays Death Metal, so this is what we mean "ohnest" and a true Death Metal band with real portions of music on their side. Anthem band really knows what they plays and they are on good way to be a league higher and be attached with more profesional bands. This album is more advanced and this music growing with recordings, after recordings of course. This is good condensed album, with Dark meaning and Death Metal arrangements. This music is stylish and not nasty a such. It's makes very clearly structures aswell of listening their - Anthem -  music. They have two demos on a side, and this one album now. We've got feeling that, this is music material made specialy for live gigs, and it's expected - not only by band, but for them fans too. Anthem has allready groups of fans and them concerts are full of fans in Poznań City. It brings full of satisaction for band and listeners of this troop also. Don't miss this band, because they really deserve for Label now.

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