niedziela, 19 października 2014

Tortorum - Katabasis
Black Metal
Influences: Darkthrone , Emperor , Deathspell Omega
Tortorum remains old Emperor albums with pretency to be something more. Growing emotions, portioned track by track brings "ungood" blasphemal feeling of beeing listener of something special. It's no good to close this band with old Darkthrone albums or just say that it is another Unholy Black Metal album, because it isn't. They really've got something more to say and to play in and out of Black Metal scene or even Metal scene at all. Tortorum plays rythmical and compacted songs to be optional good for classic or average Black Metal listener. We think that this is no good for them, because they showing them aspirational motivations to be something more - like we wrote at the beginning of this post. Hopefuly this is dictated by beeing debutatns as a band and next album will be more like avangarde that time. "Katabasis" album sounds very clearly and not too nasty, what is nice to hearing and listener is not beeing tired after 51 mins of taking - like we say - "creational blasphemies". It is melodical and agressive and same time. This melodies are beggining at second part of album, what's planned and arranged by band. We suppose to listen album from the start, to wait for better song. Good idea for band, and album and we hope that next CD gonna be available soon. It is Very stylish Black Metal so this is really nice and good to listen it, and not just once at all.

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