wtorek, 14 października 2014

Sarke Aruagint
black metal / industrial
influences Motorhead , Triptykon , Immortal 

We are honoured to present Aruagint , demo of Sarke band from side of Europe . Sarcastic and homogenic black metal , simple guitars and drums also . Atmospheric flow coming from songs , simular to Motorhead . There is Immortal on back of instrumentalism . But all remains old school black metal stylised on own conception or concept. Good glory own work and nice and satisfied atwork . Funny and sarcastic lirycs reminds area where they are from and alternative culture of playing just for friends . Couple conceptions together makes homogenic as I wrote Sarke demo . Only a little of cacophoic and delikely blasphemous to make a taste more distinct . Tracks are messy uploaded so you have to find them one by one . Their point of view reminds no relax while you listening Sarke music . Just vocalist could work a bit harder , because we have heard him on quite better condition . Good one for them and lets keep playing dirty metalic sound for enthusiasts . :ugeek:

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